The Big Bang Theory 2019 – Cast and Crew

After a long tedious, hectic day in the workplace, we search for a bit of entertainment. If it’s a weekend, we end up in bars for a quick drink, if it’s a weekday, we search for home-based entertainment, where we can sit back, relax, lie in couch, grab a quick cup of coffee or a good meal, wrap ourselves in a comfy quilt and go for some interesting series.

Agree or not? Television shows which we select entirely depends on our mood. A happy mood search for some funny soap, a sad one goes for the romantic patchy show while a mixed one always and forever goes for “Big Bang Theory”.

For most of us, our personal space forever is in search of quick entertainment, mood refreshing television shows, and cast. And “Big Bang Theory” cast & story is a spot on! This article is totally dedicated to the fans and followers of the series, since 2007 and for those who are just in the phase of addiction.

What Is Big Bang Theory all about?

A dramatic series with power-packed amusement is just a short description of it. But in real ways, it is the most successful sitcoms on network television since launching of its first series in 2007, September 24 on CBS network.

A comedy series, about four young scientists who have captivated every knowledge of science; in particular physics and a young girl who gives physics a real go spins.

Who is the Star Cast & Crew of Big Bang Theory?

To be honest, we could not get just enough of the engaged big bang theory caste, Howard Wolowitz, Raj Koothrappali, Leonard Hofstadter, Sheldon Cooper, Penny and the rest of quirky yet brilliant crew. The show was originally created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady while directed by Mark Cendrowski.

The show revolves around the five characters who share an apartment in Pasanda, California. When talking about the living characters, Leonard & Sheldon are physicists at Caltech, Penny an aspiring actress & a waitress, Howard an aerospace engineer and Raj the astrophysicist.

Further elongating the caste; Hofstadter is a smarty one who tries to conclude his research, an aerospace engineer to become a popular scientist and at the same time attempts to become a socially active guy. While Wolowitz an engineer puts his mind on science but soul on women. An assertive character who has a charismatic power to woo women but has a distant conscience on becoming a gentleman (no knowledge of treating women in the long run).

Cooper, another sharp-witted person drenched with a roof of scientific words, which ordinary people have no understanding. Koothrappali, an Indian scientist, performing a constant experiment on Black holes, planets and a life outside the outer space. But a Muslim, who is afraid to talk and speak about women.

And finally, here comes the interesting personality Penny, a bewitching girl next door to Sheldon & Leonardo apartments, with no command on physics, planetary or science. But a funny one passing hilarious comments in every on & off relationship.

Did the Big Bang Show bash the television ratings & award shows?

Yes, it did bash the spectators in a positive manner. Before airing the show on the channel, it was filmed on the presence of live audience under the productions of Warner Bros and Chuck Lorre. On the first season, a mixed review was received, while in the succeeding seasons it gathered a favorable opinion from its audiences ultimately ranking itself in the top ten final season television rating.

The victory continued, as the show grabbed a no.1 spot in its eleventh season. Followed by the nomination in Emmy Award from 2011 to 2014, while humbly grabbed 7 Emmy Awards out of 46 nominations. The greed of achieving triumph further continued, as the sequence won in totality 56 awards out of 216 nominations.

How will the big theory ending be in 2019?

It’s sad that the show is about to end.

The theory is soon to air is final special show on May 16. The telly is said to be an hour long. The program is all set to wrap after showcasing 12 seasons and 279 episodes, which is the longest running show in the television history.

What’s all with the big bang flash mob?

Every year a flash mob is set by the cast & crew of Big Bang. This year, the mob was held at February 13, 2019. Where Kaley made use of Instagram to share the videos. The show was conducted as their final epic mob.

It was held as a surprise by the cast and crew for their studio audience. It was definitely a sight to be held for they ended with a superb dance with a song from the Back-Street Boys (Larger than Life).

The videos went viral and became a big bang top for Instagram. Every followers, lovers, fan enjoyed the spectacular performance.

Star cast of Bing Bang & their real life

The comic opera includes American actor John Mark Galecki (Leonardo). Who is known as the highest paid television actor in the world for his role in the Big Bang Theory (BBT)?

He is currently earning approximately, $900,000 USD per episodes aired from 2017 to 2019. Alongside, he has worked in numerous movies (Hancock (2008), In Time (2009), The Cleanse (2016), Rings (2017). He has also worked in other television shows such as Family Guy (2009), Entourage (2011), Lip Sync Battle (2016) and The Conners (2018-2019).

While his dynamic performance in Entertainment industry made him win Young Artist Award, as Best Youth Comedian (1993), TV Land Award (2008), Satellite Award for best actor in BBT series, musical and comedy (2012).

James Josephs Parson (Sheldon), an American actor has received several awards for his outstanding performance. He has been awarded Primetime Emmy Awards and Golden Globe Award. He has worked in movies like Hidden Figures (2016), A Kid Like Jake (2018) and is working in Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile (2019).

When digging more onto his personal life, he is gay and is in a relationship past ten years with Todd Spiewak.  They both got married on 2017 May at New York. Before getting heroic performance, he worked as a stage artist in Tartuffe (2002), The Normal Heart (2011), Harvey (2012), An act of God (2015-16) and The Boys in the Band (2018).

Kaley Christine Cuoco (Penny), an American actress and producer. She received Satellite Critics Choice and People’s Choice award for her role in Hop(2011), Author Anonyms (2014). While she started her own production as Yes, Norman Productions (2017).

Cuoco married the son of a billionaire, Scott Cook in 2018, June 30. At present, she is working in tv series Harley Quinn, and as the producer of The Flight Attendant (TBA).

Simon Maxwell Helberg (Howard), an American actor, comedian and musician got married to actress Jocelyn Towne on 2007, July 15. He has a daughter named Adeline born on 2012, May 8 and a son named Wilder on 2014, April 23.

Currently, he is only working for Big bang series, which made him gain Critics Choice Television Award for supporting award and earned a nomination for Best Supporting Actor in Motion Picture.

Kunal Nayyar, an English born Indian Actor is the third highest paid actor in the world with an earning of $20 million. Born to a Punjabi family, the actor married Miss India winner Neha Kapoor in 2011, December and is currently residing in New York. Alongside, television, Nayyar has worked in movies like “Ice Age: Continental Drift (2012)”, Consumed (2015) and Trolls (2016).

The big bang is not only the television show he has worked for, but he was also then after seen in the soaps like The Late Late Show (2015), Trolls Holiday (2017), Drop the Mic (2017) and many more. He is also a theater lover and is frequently seen as a stage actor, which made him contribute in arts like The Spoils (2015 & 2016).  He won Garland Award in 2006 for Best Male Lead.

 Quirky tribe of Big Bang, what roles did they play?

Sara Gilbert played the role of Leslie Winkle. While in real life, she identified herself as lesbian and married songwriter Linda Perry on 2014, March 30.  The pair have a son named Rhodes Emilio on 2015, February 28.

Melissa Ivy Rauch is known as Bernadette Rostenkowski. She is currently married to writer Winston Rauch on 2017, July 11. She gave birth to a child in 2017, December 4. For now, she is working for a television show “Black Monday (2019)”.

Well, we are surely bidding a sound farewell, to the entire cast and crew of Big Bang Theory. We are sure to miss them. We will be desperately looking forward to a similar kind of soap, but it will still not be able to fill in the thrilling experience like of Big Bang. But, in the near future, we are sure to get other new involvements and comedy shows. Let’s hope for the best!


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