The Ferrari & Ford Actor’s unfolds reality about their body Make-over.

Oscar Winner, Christain Bale shines-out from other A-lister actors for his daring ability to undergo body alteration with short span. Bale gave awarding performance for his movie The Fighter (2010). Not only, was his acting skill acknowledged, but his body transformation was also noticed too.

The Rescue Dawn (2006), actor shredded 60 pounds for his Oscar-Winning movie, gained more than 40 pounds for movie “Vice” and now, had to come down from 240 pounds to 170 pounds for Ford Vs Ferrari.

Christian and Damon’s recent interview with Yahoo Entertainment, Bale talks about his transformation for different characters and discloses that his latest change was necessary in order to be alive and to be fit. This statement in-turn means he was killing two birds with one stone.

The acclaimed actor is also concern about the potential health risk of the future and thinks about it quite often. Not only Bale but the Forty-year-old actor Matt Damon has also shredded a noticeable pound for his new movie. Matt shared his regrets about not consulting a Nutritionist and relying on a bodybuilder.

“I actually had a guy help me who was a bodybuilder, and he gave me a [diet] for how they cut the last three weeks before a competition, and I did it for almost four months, which was really [unhealthy]. I ended up on medication and stuff. It was a stupid thing to do, so then I had three weeks to put as much weight back on as I could, so I just started eating whatever I wanted. It was a disaster.“, told Damon on his recent interview with Yahoo.

The Ford & Ferrari actors showed extreme concern that their transformation could put pressure on other actors to make wrong decisions while preparing for roles.

I worry about this becoming a regular conversation, because it isn’t healthy for people to do that,” said Bale. “And it becomes some kind of marker for commitment to your craft or whatever. I never viewed it as that. I just sort of went, ‘Oh, I think I have to do this.'”I worry when it becomes a marker of, ‘How committed are you to a role?’ ‘How much did you lose?’ And eventually there will be some tragedy because of this. It should be an anomaly. You go for the essence of the character.’

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