Is Theresa Depasquale Married? Her Bio, Age, Height, Net worth and Instagram

Is Theresa Depasquale married? Yes, she is. Her husband’s name is Dr. Vincent Depasquale who is popular for being the CEO of Orthobiologics Associates ( and The Center for Integrative Healing.  Theresa celebrated her wedding with Dr. Vincent on April 1, 2007. Together, they are blessed with two kids including a son and a daughter. On April 1, 2021, she wished her husband Happy 14th anniversary on Instagram with the caption “5 houses, 2 kids, 2 dogs, many diff businesses… and we’re still here.” The pair welcomed their first child as a son born in July 2008. Her younger child was born as a daughter in April 2011.

Who is Theresa Depasquale?

Theresa is a popular American health and fitness instructor as well as a social media influencer. She is most notable for being a 1stPhorm Elite Trainer for other WBFF competitors. As an entrepreneur, she is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bikini Boss Fitness and Capture Social Group. Her fitness and modeling content are mostly appreciated by her massive followers.

Theresa Depasquale with her husband and kids

Who is Theresa’s husband?

Her husband Dr. Vincent Depasquale is best known as the co-author of popular books like “The Autoimmune Solution” and “Reversing Diabetes Naturally”. Many people recognize him for being featured on a reality TV show called Reversed for diabetes. Theresa always feels lucky on being the co-founder of NSI Integrative wellness and NSI Stem Cell. He has spent over a decade practicing functional medicine, wellness and lifestyle science paradigms.

How old is Theresa Depasquale?

Theresa is 38 years old as of 2021. She was born on March 2, 1983.

LinkedIn Profile

One can find her LinkedIn profile @theresadepasquale where her profile shows all about her education, professional timeline, contact information and experience. From February 2008 to September 2012, she served as the owner and operator for the company Vibe Fit Club for about 4 years and 8 months. From March 2017 to August 2018, she served as a Celebrity Fitness Trainer for REVERSED reality documentary- series by Discovery Life Channel. This job made her appear in the limelight and receive global recognition.

She also worked for Bikini Boss Fitness as Health and Fitness Expert/ Influencer. She also worked as the CEO of the company. She is also contributing as the CEO of Capture Social Group LLC since early 2019. Her major responsibilities are preparing social media strategy and offering full-service social media agencies specializing in online branding.

Beautiful Theresa Depasquale

Professional Life

Theresa Depasquale is known for helping busy entrepreneurs build their brands through the internet. Her entrepreneurial fitness expertness and experience of ownership of multiple health clubs in the Tampa Bay Area have made her well-known and experienced in the industry. Her Instagram page was created in 2012 and she has been using the account for marketing skills to quickly dominate the social media space. Through her highly motivational and educational content, she has been experiencing a massive rise in her fan-following every day.

She launched Captures Social Group in December 2018 through she has been offering one-on-one consulting and management for various renowned companies. Her clients are quite satisfied as the company has helped them grow leading in the industry and build brands online and reach potential customers.

She helps establish people and companies as the expert in their fields related to health, lifestyle and wellness. Her company has been providing services related to social media management, integrated brand marketing and influencer marketing.

Instagram Handle

Her Instagram handle is reachable @theresadepasquale where she has amassed more than 221k followers. She often posts motivating and useful content especially useful for entrepreneurs.

Theresa Depasquale Image

Where does she currently reside?

Greater Tampa Bay Area

Theresa Depasquale’s Height and Weight

American entrepreneurial fitness expert Theresa Depasquale stands at a tall height of 5 feet and 9 inches. She has a well-maintained body structure and it is hard to believe that she is nearly 40 years old. She has a healthy BMI calculation because of her maintained weight.


Depasquale’s profile is still missing from Wikipedia. However, many of the popular wiki sites have provided her bio.

Depasquale’s Net worth

Theresa Depasquale has an estimated net worth of US$2.3 million. Most of the people only see her success but very few people know about her struggles. She used to clean other houses for which she used to earn $35. One of her Instagram posts revealed that she used to clean other houses thinking as if it is her own. She has also worked as the hostess at a restaurant where she used to contribute thinking as if she is the owner. She has also worked as a bartender.

She started a gym in 2007 with her husband and today, she has been able to establish herself as a famous entrepreneur and fitness influencer.

Theresa Depasquale Wedding Picture

10 Success Lessons by Depasquale

On November 3, 2019, Depasquale shared 10 success lessons through her Instagram post which are mentioned below:

1. Not everyone will understand or support your goals, It’s not their job to.
2. It’s impossible to be all things to all people … so don’t even try. The important people will still love you anyway.
3. Sacrificing will become part of your lifestyle…Free time, hobbies , dead end relationships and money.. but the ROI is totally worth it.
4. Most people will love and support you …..until you start doing better than them. Don’t take it personally, it’s a reflection of their limitations, not you.
5. Don’t get disappointed when people don’t keep their word, they can’t even keep promises to themselves.
6. Business is not emotional. If you operate out of emotions you will always lose.
7. Loyalty is important… but not to a fault.
8. If you don’t expect shit , you won’t be let down.
9. There are no failures – only lessons. Use them as a catalyst to get better .. not to quit.
10. The biggest “hater” you have to prove wrong is living inside your own head ????‼️.

Interesting Facts

  1. Theresa Depasquale was afraid of public speaking in her school days.
  2. She was a competitive gymnast and later switched to basketball.
  3. She experienced skiing first time at the age of 30.
  4. She didn’t watch television for eight years
  5. As she needs to exercise daily, her husband sometimes calls her a hamster.
  6. She was clinically diagnosed with ADD
  7. She loves dogs but hates feet and snakes.
  8. She loves to have French red wine, one of her favorites.
  9. She loves having tattoos that count as 12 in her body.
  10. At the age of 31, she went for her first fitness competition and won a WBFF pro card the following year.


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