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Entrepreneurship is the best quality men can have, that would change everyone’s life completely. A qualified entrepreneur is the boon of a community, society, and nation, as he has abilities to change the world. Tom Scott is one of such businessmen whose company’s inventions have eased out our lives. The founder and former owner of Nantucket have also tried his hands in the entertainment business. Tom was born on 2nd February 1966 in Chevy Chase, Maryland US as Thomas W Scott. From a very small age, he was very sharp and enterprising. That became the main reason for his rapid growth and development in business. Thomas attended Brown University in 1989 and obtained a degree in business studies. Because of his mentality that learning does not depend on age, he currently enrolled at the Yale University and is studying Masters in Divinity plus Political Sciences. Tom’s story of developing the business empire and his own brand is a case study for students Harvard Business School. Mr. Casey Neistat assisted him a lot in the entertainment business. Along with the huge sum of net worth, Scott is also enjoying a happy family time. His happy family consists of wife Emily and two sons.


Bio and age

Tom Scott along with his partner Tom First shifted to Nantucket after completing their studies. They started their business empire with a store named Allsevre. Later on, the duo began to produce beverages and did their packaging plus pasteurization themselves. Growing on their company became a national level one. In 2002, they sold their company to Cadbury Schweppes, the amount was not disclosed at all. After that, he began his journey of film producing and creating. His works have got a selection to both Cannes and Sundance in the film festival 2010. Neistat Brothers, the television series aired on HBO that was an incredible show indeed. Tom’s recent productions include a documentary film named Apple Pushers with Edward Notion. He is also the founder of Plum TV that consists of 8 stations and has received a total of 14 Emmy Awards. Casey Neistat and Vane made a Tour film for Tom Scoot out of respect they felt for him, it is named as The Respectability Tour Film. Tom Scott has also launched a webpage for his Honda cars. The car’s webpage consists mainly of used cars and Pre-owned Honda inventory in Nampa. As in 2017, Tom is 51 years old.


Family Life

Moving on to his personal life, it’s as successful as the personal one. Tom’s wife Emily is the founder of J. Crew, the lady is an example of perfect women empowerment. In spite of being a very busy businessman, Tom always gives priority to his family. Before their marriage, Emily had complained that they could never have any quality time with each other. But after marriage, the gentleman changed for his wife and family. Tom and Emily together have 2 sons, they both try spending most of their time with children. Emily always addresses Tom as a perfect father, loving husband, and good human being with awesome business sense. Their family values and bonding are the perfect examples of what a modern-day progressive family should be like.

Net worth

We all know that Tom is a world-famous businessman and his companies are no more bind by boundaries. Tom’s exceptional business sense has given him a lot of income. But it would be disappointing for Tom’s followers to know that his exact net worth value has not been disclosed yet. Believing some sources hints us that Tom’s net worth figures in hundreds of million dollars and is heading towards billions.

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