Tyson and Paris Fury: Boxing’s Power Couple

Welcome to the latest edition of our articles focusing on sports stars and their lives behind the scenes. Regular readers know we love to bring to your attention the most famous names from sports, pulling back the curtain and peering at the inner workings of their lives. What makes them tick, how did they become so successful and famous, what are the driving forces behind that glory, and, above all else, are they married? We’ve covered some huge names from planet sports, including Tim David, Preston Smith, and Gerard Pique. Who has been your favorite?

It doesn’t happen too often, but on the rare occasion we find a supremely talented pair, we like to cover a power couple in sports. Think Posh and Becks, David and Victoria Beckham. The Spice Girl and the world-famous celebrity soccer player. That’s the level we’re aiming for in our articles. Perhaps you’re not into soccer but are more of a football fan. You watch games on TV, make predictions, and place NFL bets online using your smartphone. You love all things relating to Grid Iron and know the NFL’s power couple is Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen.

What about combat sports? Rarely do we cover the fight game featuring boxing and the names that are most famous in the noble art. But in this case, we have something special. Keep reading as we introduce you to professional boxing’s power couple, Tyson and Paris Fury. You may have spotted them on a recent Netflix documentary entitled At Home with the Furys. But that only scratched the surface. By the end of this page, you’ll know everything worth knowing about Mr and Mrs Boxing ahead of Tyson’s next fight.

Tyson Fury

If you follow sports and have even the smallest interest in professional boxing, you’ll know the name Tyson Fury. The world heavyweight boxing champion is the current keeper of the WBC strap and is many experts’ biggest name in the division. Fury is one of two world heavyweight champions, of course, with Ukraine’s Oleksandr Usyk holding the belts that are not currently in Tyson’s possession. Fight fans hope that will be settled in 2024 and sooner rather than later. They want to see a winner-takes-all bout involving Fury and Usyk.

If Fury and Usyk clash in 2024, it will give boxing something that has been sorely lacking for many years: one recognized and respected heavyweight champion. Will Fury continue his unbeaten record and collect all the belts before likely walking off into the sunset? You may be hot on the chances of his opponent Usyk, who is another unbeaten heavyweight with power in both hands and the quick feet needed to avoid trouble. If that fight comes to fruition in the coming months, it’ll be well worth the wait.

How did Fury get to within a whisker of being one of the greatest and most celebrated fighters of the modern era? His boxing record shows he has 34 professional wins against one draw with 24 knockouts. The only slight blot on his copybook was a highly contentious draw with America’s Deontay Wilder in 2018. The UK and US punchers fought three times, with Fury winning the next two by knockout to win and defend the WBC strap. Since beating Wilder, Fury has stopped British heavyweights Dillian Whyte and Derek Chisora before out-pointing UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou on points in Saudi Arabia.

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Personal life

Fighting a UFC star under boxing rules in Riyadh did Fury’s net worth no harm whatsoever, with the latest reports suggesting the English traveler now has a fortune in excess of $65m. Tyson is from a boxing family, and his dad named him after his favorite heavyweight, the Baddest Man on the Planet, Iron Mike Tyson. Father John Fury was a known face on the traveling bare-knuckle fighting scene and raised his children to respect the noble art. In addition to Tyson, he also has a son, Tommy Fury, who recently defeated two YouTube stars in, Jake Paul and KSI.

Those who watched At Home with the Furys will know Tyson has a lifelong partner and wife, Paris Fury. The pair met and married in their teenage years and have seven children together: four sons and three daughters. Interestingly, all of their boys are named Prince, and the family lives together in a large house in the English countryside. 

Despite hailing from an Irish traveler background, Fury chooses to reside at his home address, although his father, John, remains strict to his roots. In the popular Netflix documentary, John is living in an old-style caravan in a field with few possessions to show for his son’s wealth. Even his multi-millionnaire son arrives to visit in a dated and modest car.

Paris Fury

The woman behind the champion is no stay-at-home mum, although who would blame her for choosing that life with seven children to look after and a high-earning, celebrity husband? The Englishwoman remains ambitious and loyal to her career, which Netflix also covers.

Independently wealthy, Paris is a successful businesswoman, very career-driven, and a celebrity in her own right. She spent time as the host of a popular TV talk show, one of her many appearances on television. She has also enjoyed success in other areas, with Paris celebrating her efforts as a model, social media influencer, author, and entrepreneur. 

In the documentary, she leaves the family home for a trip to London to embark on her talk show journey before returning to an empty house. Her husband and sons had gone on a camping trip despite it being a school night. Followers of the couple believe her toughest job may be keeping the family in check, but it’s by no means her only interest.

We expect to see Paris move into the spotlight more and pursue her career as a TV personality when Tyson finally makes good on his promises to retire from the ring and the children are a little older. In her 30s, she has time, support, and financial backing to achieve her goals in her chosen area.

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