Wendy Nguyen bio, wiki, parents, net worth, age, James Chen

Fashion is a major part of our lives and we follow different rules and trend just to look fashionable. Fashion blogs are the greatest things we go on through or follow before styling. Thanks to all proficient fashion bloggers who have made our life easier by giving their views and glam scams. Wendy Nguyen is one of such blogger whose contents provides us most relevant information and tips. Wendy is a popular fashion diva, but some information about her bio is still in the box. Her birthday is one of them, it cannot be found in any internet resources. Wendy was born in 1986 in Los Angeles of Central America. As per her wiki, she was brought up there by her loving plus supporting parents. The lady was smart and inquisitive in small age and had a fun-filled childhood. While growing up as a teenager, her parents always showered their daughter with blessings and support. Wendy reveals that it was a tough decision to start blogging at that time, kicking other career-building jobs but the mom and dad were never restricted her. Now, Wendy is counted among the most successful fashion bloggers of the entire world and has million people behind her. Wendy has been able to make a whopping amount of net worth. Currently, she is in a relationship with James Chen, they both are having an amazingly mesmerizing time together.

Bio and wiki

Wendy’s love towards fashion helped her in creating an innovative medium of expressing it. As its said talent finds its own way just like that, she also began blogging. Now, she also has her own YouTube channel with about 600 thousand subscribers and millions plus views. This YouTube channel helps her in translating the blogs into vlogs. The main objective of Wendy’s channel is to share various outfits’ idea, fun paring suggestions, and fashion tips. Her major contents are based on playing with color and shapes of outfits along with various ways that make us smile. Wendy’s YouTube channel was started around 2010 and since then, she has been sharing her styling tips. A video released in 2011, titled 25 ways to tie a scarf which has around 29 million views. She also has an interest in arts, architecture, food, people, and music.  The lady is also living a famous social life and is followed by lots of people. Wendy has about 1.1 million followers behind her on Instagram and has about 3500 posts.

Net worth- how rich is she?

Wendy’s name is counted among the top-earning fashion bloggers. According to some relevant sources, her estimated net worth is about 4 million US dollars. She earns an annual salary of 1 million US dollars, which makes her monthly earnings about $150 thousand. Her profile is also listed in the Forbes describing how she got 25 million plus views on YouTube. Wendy is currently living a fashionable, trendy, sophisticated, and well-to-do life full of luxuries.

James Chen- Wendy Nguyen’s boyfriend

James Chen is a 41-year-old man from San Bernardino, Central America. He is a famous gamer and game commentator belonging to the fighting genre.  Along with that, he has also worked for the street fighter game franchise. As in 2017, Wendy’s age is 31, though this couple has 10 years age difference their chemistry looks awesome. The lovebirds are often seen together giving a chilled company to each other. Their love, chemistry, and bonding make them a favorite couple of their fans. They look as if made for each other and are giving a major couple goals to everybody.

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