Who is Peter Peterson? Peter Peterson Biography, Children, Foundation and Net worth


Eager to know, “Who is Peter Peterson?” Peterson is one of the renowned Business tycoon from the United States known for his innovative projects and strategies. According to Peter Peterson biography, he was born as Peter George Peterson on June 5, 1926, and that makes his present age be 92 as of 2018. This billionaire is best known for being the founder and inventor of “The Peter G. Peterson Foundation.”


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Early Life


Peterson who is also known by his nickname “Pete” was born in Greece and his childhood period was spent over there. Talking about Peterson parents, their names are Venet and George Peterson. They were the Greek immigrants who moved to the United States when Peterson was just 17 years old. Despite being trapped in troubles, Pete was fully supported by his parents and was provided the best education that he could achieve. He had attended the Northwestern University from where he graduated in 1947 majoring summa cum laude. Pursuing his higher education, Pete completed his MBA degree joining the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.


Who is Peter Peterson Children?


You might be thinking about Peter Peterson children who are born to the billionaire family. He is the father of 5 children who are now matured and totally grown up. Among them, Holly Peterson is a popular and known face who was born on 1964 and is best known for being a producer, novelist, and journalist as well. Holly is none other than the writer of the New York Times bestseller “The Manny.”


How Much is Peter Peterson Net worth?


American billionaire Peter George Peterson has an estimated net worth of $2 billion dollars. He has worked so hard and with his business mind, Peterson has been able to build such a big empire on his own. Today, he generates earnings from multiple sources like investment, dividend, salary and a long list goes on. Every year, Peterson’s net worth has been increasing rapidly.




Peter Peterson Foundation


With full name “The Peter G. Peterson Foundation”, the foundation is focused on addressing the United States long-term fiscal challenges and is looking to secure a healthy and growing economy by raising the public awareness for long-term fiscal sustainability related to federal deficits, health care, taxation policy, entitlement programs and much more. It was founded by Peter G. Peterson in 2008. He is also the former United States Secretary of Commerce (February 29, 1972 – February 1, 1973).


The foundation is looking for the solution of growing long-term debt and looking opportunities for the future generation in the United States. Peter has been recognized as a responsible businessman who is looking after the development of the entire country’s economic growth.


The foundation believes in working together to address fiscal and economic challenges through bipartisan solutions. There is no discrimination among age, gender, political party lines, races of the people. You can visit the official website of the foundation www.pgpf.org


Personal Life


Moving to his personal life, Peter Peterson is 91 years old as of now who has an extreme influence on America’s economy. He was first married to Kris Krengel in 1948 which ended in 1950. After three years of divorced life, Pete married to Sally Hornbogen who was a psychologist by profession in 1953. With her, he became the father of four sons named- John Scott, James, David and Michael and one daughter Holly Peterson. His second marriage also come to an end by 1979. In 1980 Peter tied his knot with Joan Ganz Cooney who is known for being the creator of Sesame Street.


In an interview, Peter Peterson blamed himself for the failure of his first two marriages. Despite that, he is happy and proud to have children who could understand him and are too close to the Peterson.


Wiki and Facts


Several wiki sites have presented Peterson biography on their web pages. You can find him on social media from the profile of his foundation. Follow Peterson in Instagram @pgpfoundation/ and on Twitter @pgpfoundation.

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