Who is Chloe Schnapp? Her Age, Height, Net worth and Boyfriend

Born as Chloe Schnapp, she is an American social media sensation and a young rising entrepreneur. She has amassed more than 950,000 followers in her Instagram account and has also garnered over 24 million fans in her TikTok account. As an entrepreneur, she is the founder of Chloebelle Jewelry. Further, many people recognize her for being the twin sister of Canadian-American actor Noah Cameron Schnapp (born October 3, 2004).

How old is Chloe Schnapp? When was she born?

Chloe was born on October 3, 2004, which makes his age be 18 years old as of 2022. Her place of birth is New York City, New York, the United States.

Does Chloe Schnapp act?

Chloe is indeed a good performer and is very good at dancing and presenting facial expressions. It seems like she carries all the essential traits to work as an actress, however, she has not been acting.

Chloe Schnapp and her brother Noah Schnapp

Who is older; Noah Schnapp or Chloe Schnapp?

Twins Noah and Chloe were born in 2004 where Noah landed on the planet 4 minutes earlier to his twin sister. Therefore, Noah is older among the sibling.

How tall is Chloe Schnapp?

The beautiful TikToker Chloe Schnapp stands at a tall height of 5 feet and 4 inches. She has a well-maintained body and looks like she is able to work as a professional glamour model as well.

What grade is Chloe Schnapp in?

Moving toward her academic achievements, Chloe has already completed her high school graduation. However, she has not completed a University level degree which she might accomplish in the coming future.

How much does Chloe Schnapp weigh?

The twin sister of actor Noah Schnapp, Chloe has a maintained weight of 54 kilograms. She is a fitness-loving person and has always been serious about her diet consumption, nutritional chart and daily workout schedules. As per some online sources, her body measurement records are 37-26-37 inches.

Did Chloe Schnapp get into Harvard?

Harvard University, one of the most prestigious universities in the world is the dreamland for millions of students around the globe. A few years earlier, Chloe posted a TikTok video showing her brother and father who were enjoying joy after her being accepted into Harvard University’s class of 2025. However, this was a prank as she wrote “It’s a joke don’t worry” in the comment section.

Chloe Schnapp’s Parents and Background

Chloe Schnapp is the daughter of father Mitchell Schnapp and mother Karine Schnapp (née Perez) Schnapp. Her parents are from Quebec, Canada belonging to a Jewish religious background. Regarding her ancestral background, her father Mitchell is of Russian ancestry and her mother Karine is of Moroccan descent.

Chloe Schnapp sister of Noah Schnapp

Social Media

The biography of Chloe Schnapp is prepared by various wiki sites including IMDb and Wikipedia. Her Instagram account is available @chloeschnapp. Find her on TikTok @chloeschnapp where she has garnered more than 1.8 million followers.

Who is Chloe Schnapp dating?

Tiktok star Chloe Schnapp is possibly single as she has not updated her relationship status publicly. There are possibilities of her hiding her personal life secrets in oorder to stay out from the unnecessary gossips in her name. In the coming days, she would defenitely reveal the name of her boyfriend whom she has been dating.

Net worth

Chloe Schnapp has an estimated net worth of US$200,000. Her earnings is comparatively lower to her twon brother Noah. She is happy on her professional life and has been making a good amount of return through her jewelry line. She has been experiencing a rapid growth in her business retaining customers from outside the country as well.

Quick Facts

Birth Name: Chloe Schnapp

Date of Birth: October 3, 2004

Place of Birth: New York City, New York, the United States

Profession: Social Media Sensation, TikTok Star

Parents:  Mitchell Schnapp (father) and Karine Schnapp (née Perez) Schnapp (mother)

Brother: Noah Schnapp

Height: 5 feet and 4 inches.

Weight: 54 kilograms

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