Eddie Spears Wife, Baby, Age, married, Height, Net Worth

To find a right partner, you have to go through a series of break up Right? This series implies to every ordinary women and man as well the celebrities. Very few are those lucky ones, who get a right partner without having to go through traumatizing breakups. Black Cloud actor, Eddie Spears, an inspirational figure for many though have acted in several movies might too have gone through the series or he might have just finely slid in the process of finding a perfect wife.

However, this almighty star has not even a slight rumor of romance or dating slide in, nor has he been busted by the paparazzi, though he has proudly and openly introduced his family circle in the media. Well, let’s break in the barriers today and get hold of Eddie Spears personal life, marital life and biography.


Incident or Accident which shook him Completely

Devasting is the story of “Hell on Wheels” Star. Eddie Spears was born in a family of seven children. His life commenced with complexity after his father died while shooting for the episode of “Hell on Wheels”. The 35-year-old 6 feet 1-inch man shares a strong and lovable bond with his mother, therefore often shares his mother’s post on Instagram.

Beside close-knit with mother, Eddie shares an unbreakable bond with his remaining five brothers and sisters. As a role model, Eddie follows his elder brother Michael Spears, a renowned actor. All seven siblings share a close bond with their only mother.

Eddie’s family has always been through his thick and thin. Beside his external fans, his family are his huge fan and therefore, did not even miss a single episode of the famous series “Hell on Wheel”. In an explanation, Eddie stated his uneasiness in showing his lovemaking scene to his family members while his family was extremely furious of the rejection made by his on-screen lover Ruth.

Though the fans are aware of his on-screen failed relationship, they are really curious to know about his real-life women, besides his mother.

Eddie’s idol (his brother) married, what about the actor?

On 2017, September 1, Ryan (Eddie’s sibling) got married in a lavish manner. The wedding ceremony was attended by Eddie’s close family members and friends. After Ryan’s marriage media started to question regarding Eddie’s own marriage plan and yes Ryan’s marriage became an excuse and answer for the questioning media.

Whenever a question is asked regarding his married life, Eddie hastily stashes it away or divert the question and sometimes even ignore it. With not a single rumor and dating history, fans are amused while at the same time have started to question his sexuality.

Well, Eddie has silently excused himself from the arising question and he doesn’t even seem to answer the questions, therefore the cloud of question regarding Eddie’s relationship, dating, marriage, and sexual orientation is still lingering in the air, hope so we soon get a nice confrontation from the actor.

Eddie Spears Biography

Edward “Eddie” Spears was born in 1982, November 29, at Chamberlain, South Dakota, the United States on the Lower Brule Indian Reservation. His family migrated to Pierre, South Dakota while he was in his first grade of schooling. Similarly, his family moved to Aberdeen, South Dakota and hence he attended Aberdeen Central High School and Simmons Middle School. Eddie is the member of Kul Wicasa Oyate Lakota tribe of South Dakota.

Eddie came to spotlight at the age of ten from TNT’s production of Geronimo. Likewise, he played the character of Joseph Black Moon in “Hell on Wheels” television series in Season one and season 2. In 2004 he was cast as an actor for “Black Cloud”. Currently, Eddie is working on “White Fang” (2018), animated movie.

Spears dedication on his work has given awards and recognition. He was nominated for Red Nation Film Festival and Awards (2014) for best-supporting actor role in TV movie “Hell on Wheels”. In 2012 he was awarded Bronze Wrangler Award for the lead actor role in “Yellow Rock”. He has also been awarded Best Actor Award (2004) for the role in “Black Cloud”. His unbreakable dedication towards his work has compiled a total net worth of $500 thousand.

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