Gabriel Conte Age, Vine, Height, Movies. Wife, Instagram and Jess Bauer


One of the rising YouTube presenter Gabriel Conte (age 24 as of 2018) is best known for presenting short and funny videos. He has an exceptional quality of video content editing and hence has been followed more than 1.9 million followers on the app Vine. Also, his YouTube channel has retained 1.4 million subscribers where he often keeps uploading amazing movies.


Date of Birth                           October 24, 1994

Marital Status                          Married

Profession                               YouTuber

Nationality                               American



Family and Early Life


YouTube presenter Gabriel Conte was born in Miami, Florida on October 24, 1994. One of his sisters named Sofia has also appeared in some of the videos in Vine. He has also got a younger brother named Nico with whom Gabriel Conte loves to spend free time. This social media star has not revealed about his parents who are said to be supportive and person of inspiring nature. From his early life, Conte started performing in front of the cameras and was said to be in grade 7th at that time. His first video/mpvies on Vine was uploaded on August 17, 2013.


He attended the Florida State University but was unable to focus on his studies as he was busy in making and uploading innovative and funny videos on the social networking platforms. As a result, Conte dropped out of the university and since then is giving his full time for the social medias including YouTube, Vine, Twitter and Instagram. Mostly, he is widely popular on Vines where he often keeps uploading short and funny videos on the app.


Career and Professional Life


Looking at his current work, he is an actor, the innovative artist, video maker and editor and a model as well by profession. He spends most of the time preparing extraordinary videos for millions of fans, followers, subscribers and well-wishers.


You might not know that Gabriel Conte was trying to pursue Bachelors of Fine Arts in acting but became the university drop out students as he was unable to allocate time and energy for social media accounts. He was also hired as a model by Coca Cola drinks company.


Who is Gabriel Conte wife?


You must be wondering to know about Gabriel Conte wife and about their relationship issues. This YouTuber was married in 2016 to Jess Conte who was his fellow YouTuber. The couple resides in Los Angeles and is said to be happily enjoying their married life. Gabriel Conte and his wife Jess Bauer hasn’t thought about giving a birth to the child yet.



Jess Bauer was born on July 23, 1996, in Australian and is a singer, vlogger, YouTuber and a model guru and is quite young. She often keeps uploading photos on her Instagram profile and for her BauerBirds YouTube channel.


Body Measurements: What is the height of Gabriel Conte?


Despite being married at this young age, Gabriel Conte is seriously followed by thousands of girls because of his perfect body measurements including the height of 5 feet and 11 inches (178 cm). He has maintained a perfect six-pack body and girls are found crazy for this. As per the information available, Gabriel Conte weight is 72 kg that is equal to 159 lbs.


Gabriel Conte Net worth: How Much does He Earn?


The one and only income source for Gabriel Conte is the social media accounts as he is involved in this sector as a full-timer. He enjoys being close to the peoples rather involving in financial benefit activities. We came to know that Gabriel Conte net worth is $200,000 and is being rapidly increased. If the net worth were counted by the number of fans, admirers and well-wishers he would definitely be the millionaire.


What is Gabriel Conte religion?



What is Gabriel Conte Zodiac Sign?



What are Gabriel Conte nicknames?

-GabrielC, Gabe, Gabby, Raby, Gabore.


What are the social medias where Gabriel Conte is active?

The Vine app, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook.


Clonte Twitter Account

Gabriel Clonte Instagram Account

Clonte Official Facebook Page


Where did Gabriel Conte study?

Florida State University.


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