How Old is Bob Costas? Bob Costas Age, Wiki, Wife, Net Worth and Plastic Surgery


One of the top-rated sports commentator Bob Costas is associated with NBC sports television. Born with birth name Robert Quinlan Costas on 22 March 1952 in New York City, he holds an American nationality coming from white ethnicity background. Bob Costas who is now at the age of 65 is best known for being the prime-time host for consecutive twelve Olympic games held from 1992 to 2016. Sportscaster Costas is one of the renowned faces in the international sports commentary. The wiki of Costas can inspire any youth towards moving his desired destinations. 


This article is prepared in order to present entire profile of this American sportscaster including the answer of “How old is Bob Costas?” and other facts like professional life, body measurements, social networking sites and also Bob Costas net worth



How Old is Bob Costas?


As mentioned above, the American sportscaster is 66 years old as of 2018. His birthname (full name) is Robert Quinlan Costas and was born to the parents Jayne and John Costas.


Professional Life and Career


The best sports television host Bob Costas started his career at the beginning of 1980’s. As a youth, he was interested in fast moving games and was a regular participant during his school and university life. From his early days, Costas is contributing NBC sports television till date.


Bob Costas has been conducting several shows as a host on NBC sports television. This influencing personality had contributed in sports casting media by hosting various national and international sports, tournaments and matches. When it comes to revealing the name of the Olympic sportscaster, the name Costas come first. Costas has successfully held Olympic commentary since 1992 and is able to attract a large number of audiences with his striking voice and influencing personality.


Bob Costas is hosting a television show named ‘Studio 42 with Bob Costas’ which is telecasted from NBC sports television and is one of the popular show at the channel. Besides his own show, he is also contributing as a play-by-play telecaster for Notre Dame Football. Also, this renowned Olympic commentator is linked with MLB Network working as an announcer.


This year in February, Bob Costas gave a shocking news to the sports telecasting world that he would quit being the host at Olympic games from NBC. AS everyone was sad to hear this decision, Costas added that he is still with NBC sports and would appear when the situation demands him. His dedication and contribution towards his work had made him be followed by a huge number of well-wishers and fans. It is said that his juniors on NBC always try to follow the steps suggested by Bob Costas and respect him for what he had contributed. The name of this renowned commentator will remain forever in sportscasting industry as he has dedicatedly contributed since last three decades. 


How is NBC’s Sportscaster Bob Costas Personal Life?


Want to know about the personal facts and marital status of Bob Costas? Carole Krumenacher was his first wife with whom he married on late 70’s. Their married life was not passing happily as there was a lack of understanding and trust between them. Due to those reasons, their wedded life comes to an end after 18 years of their marriage on 2001. Before their separation, the couple had given birth to two children who are now totally matured.


After living three years of divorced life, he married for second time in 2004 with Jill Sutton. He and his wife Sutton has been residing in New York city and are living happily living their married life with full trust and mutual understanding. There is no any sign of getting a divorce by this couple and also no rumors are there related to their extra marital affairs and internal conflicts. 


Had Bob Costas Gone Through Plastic Surgery?


Although there is no any official news regarding the plastic surgery done by Bob Costas, it seems true that he had made this. Everyone can easily notice the sudden changes on his face even from his appearance on the television screens. Due to the surgery, there are fewer wrinkles in his face and looks like of being at the young age. Looking at his past and present photographs, everyone can easily be sure about this surgery. Sportscaster Bob Costas wiki shows that he is now listed on the celebrity list who had done plastic surgery. 


How Tall is Bob Costas?


Moving to his measurements, Bob Costas is % feet and 7 inches tall. No information related to his weight and other physical measurements is available.


How Much is the Net Worth of Bob Costas?


Sportscaster and television host Costas has been able to accumulate a huge net worth of USD 45 million dollars. He is offered with a massive salary of USD 7 million dollars per annum by NBC sports television. Besides the salary, he is paid for hosting various tournaments, interviews and appearing at several shows. Even at this stage of life, his worth is still rapidly increasing.


You can find him on Instagram at Bob Costas Instagram Account

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