Is Amaryllis Fox Married? Her Bio, Age, Birthdate, Husband, Daughter, Height and Net worth

Is Amaryllis Fox married? Yes, she is. She is currently married to Robert F. Kennedy III. Their wedding ceremony was held on July 7, 2018. Previously, she was married to Dean Fox. Despite the separation from her first husband, she has still retained his surname i.e. “Fox.” Amaryllis Fox is also blessed with a daughter from her previous marriage and resides in San Francisco, California. Scroll down to explore more interesting personal facts and biography of Amaryllis:


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Some weeks are so filled to overflowing that it’s hard to conjure words. This was one of those. . Marriage is a mysterious thing — intimate yet communal, earthly yet sacred. In promising our lives to one another, we also promise them to our communities, our country, our world. To hold one another up, to love fiercely and unconditionally, to remember, even in the times of most trial, that we are all parts of one being, destined in our deepest hearts to honor and protect one another as we would honor and protect ourselves. . Never have two people felt luckier in their tribe than we have this week, surrounded by friends and family and music and laughter and wisdom and joy as we crossed the beaming threshold. . And never have I felt deeper love for this country, making our happy way back west, kayaking the great lakes and biking across the mighty Mississippi. Every time I think I know this land, it shows me something still richer, still more full of promise and beauty and hope. . May we each find in our love for those we most treasure a wellspring of love for those we don’t yet know. Or don’t think we want to know. Because that is the ultimate gift of love. It’s a fractal, an inexhaustible, self-replicating force, more powerful than division or darkness or fear. The way we love one person affects hearts in distant corners. Our ripples spread farther than we know. A single act of love can become a hundred thousand. And devotion to one beautiful, beloved other can heal the distance between us all. . #love #marriage #community #wedding #peace

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Who is Amaryllis Fox?

She is a former CIA Clandestine Service Officer and is also recognized for her role as a peace activist and writer. She is a coder and a successful entrepreneur as well. She appeared in the limelight after Fox appeared in the television programs.


Early Life and Education

She was born as Amaryllis Damerell Thornber (real name) in New York City to parents from different nationalities. Her mother is an English actress whereas her father is an American economist. The exact birthdate of New York City hasn’t been revealed yet. She has traveled to several parts of the world because of father’s profession. Her father mainly works in the developing world. Later, her mother Lalage Damerell was remarried to Steven Rales who is one of the famous billionaires operating a science and tech company.

At the age of 16, she returned back to the United States and applied to the Naval Academy and also in Oxford to study aerospace engineering and international la respectively. She also worked for the Mai Laa refugee camp as a volunteer. She also served for the Burmese democracy movement and became on the limelight after taking the interview with Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi for the BBC.


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Magical hours and days these are. . Baby Bobby arrived safe and snug on January 7th at 6:27 pm. She’s named for her father, grandfather and great grandfather, carrying their legacy into a future where women stand shoulder to shoulder with their fathers, brothers, and sons to do the work of love in the world. May she hold in her heart their fathomless commitment to human dignity, peace among nations, and protection of our natural world. . During this pregnancy, Bobcat and I traveled many thousands of miles together, visiting distant corners of this beautiful earth, working with some of the world’s most poor and finding, again and again, human spirit so rich. . After that long journey, this littlest fur cub was born on the first day of epiphany, the season set aside by ancient christians to mark the realization that love vanquishes all. As I hold her softly breathing in my arms, surrounded by love in our warm den, that couldn’t feel more fitting. . Every day, we, each of us, experience the mysteries of life, of love, of family, of grace. May we revel in the vastness of the great beauty we share, strengthened to bridge the small details we do not. May we do right by one another, friends and strangers alike. Look after one another, protect one another, love one another the way we do our littlest ones. Because in the end, each of us is just a baby grown. Each of us, a caretaker in waiting. Destined to save and savor one another. United in a community I can only dream may one day be as filled to overflowing as our little bear pack feels tonight. ?❤️

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In 1999, she completed her matriculation from Oxford University studying international law and after that started working with Xanana Gusmao’s team for which she moved to Dili, East Timor and Srebrenica, Bosnia. She completed her graduation from Oxford in 2002 with an honors degree. After that, she was enrolled at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service from where she received her graduation in international security.


Career and Professional Life

While being at the School of Foreign Service, Fox developed an algorithm that was useful in predicting terrorist activities under Dan Byman who was her thesis advisor who was also a leading thinker on the United States policy and terrorism. Amaryllis started working for SE Asia as a political and terrorism analyst after sharing the algorithm with the Agency. Later, she went for the operational training program and soon started working as a Clandestine Service officer.

After gaining experience in the international field, Amaryllis also started using her code skills to start an e-commerce company named MUlu which was focused on the support of the risk communities. She was hired by Twitter, one of the leading social networking sites in the world in 2014 where she was made responsible for Twitter’s global e-commerce business. In December 2015, she quit her job on Twitter in order to give full time for writing.


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As my brothers and sisters from all walks of national service demonstrate every day, the mission continues long after official duty is over. Be it building hospitals overseas, mounting rescue operations in the wake of wildfires here at home, delivering meals to families fleeing war, or protecting local schools from the sweep of rising floodwaters, thousands of US veterans work every day on behalf of human happiness, security, dignity, and freedom. . And as all those who have worked on behalf of our country know, we accept that ongoing mission on behalf of those brave men and women who fought alongside us with courage and skill but never made it home. Because the only way to honor a life given on behalf of others is to do some part of the work that person would have done, were they still here among us. Together, we can be an extension of their hands and hearts, serving the world long after they are gone. . So if you haven’t found a service community that feels right for you, try asking your friends, your community center, your local refugee resettlement program, your church or your food bank about programs that need your help. Or deploy with Team Rubicon alongside some of the best veterans I know to serve, safeguard, and rebuild communities in the US and overseas. . This Memorial Day, may we remember those who have given their lives in service by activating our own inner servants. May we honor those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice by stepping up to care for our communities, our country and our world on their behalf. . #memorialday #service #peace

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Personal Life

Fox’s real name is Amaryllis Damerell Thornber and was first married to Dean Fox. She kept her husband surname and hasn’t changed despite being separated. Her second marriage took place on July 7, 2018. The name of her new husband is Robert F. Kennedy III. According to some wiki sites, the duo met four years ago. They became blessed with a daughter born on January 7th, 2019, at 6:27 pm. With her former husband, she has welcomed a baby daughter named Zoë Victoria who is nine years old now.


Body Measurements

Amaryllis Fox has an average height and a well-maintained body structure. During her pregnancy, Fox has gained some weight which is very normal. Other exact body measurement statistics of Fox are not provided.


Salary and Net worth

Former CIA spy Amaryllis Fox has an impressive amount of net worth which is still under review. She developed an algorithm for predicting terrorist activities and has served SE Asia as its political and terrorism analyst. Fox has also proven to be a successful television personality where has worked as the co-host for the History Channel’s show entitled American Ripper. She made a short film named A Field In Between with Peter Berg and CNN films and was mostly filmed in Iraq. At Cannes, the short movie earned the “Voice of a Woman” award.



Wiki and Facts

The biography of former CIA spy is available on a number of wiki sites but is yet missing from Wikipedia. You can find Fox on Instagram @amaryllisfox where she is being followed by more than 3k followers now. Likewise, her spouse is also active on the same social networking site @robertfkennedyjr. Fox is also active on Twitter @amaryllisfox where she has managed to retain more than 6k followers.

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