Was EJ Osborne Married? His Bio, Age, Wife, Partner and Wikipedia

Was EJ Osborne Married? The question is like an unsolved puzzle as Osborne bio hasn’t revealed anything about his wife or partner on the internet. Less information about his personal profile can be extracted from the internet as EJ Osborne’s Wikipedia profile is not presented as of now.


EJ Osborne


Osborne was a BBC designer who is recognized for making Hatchet & Bear products. Using traditional techniques, the man has been presenting hand-crafted utensils essential for everyday use. The magic in his hands presenting wonderful hand-crafted products are available in various markets worldwide. Let’s explore in detail about Ej’s wiki below:


Early Life and Education

The birth name of amazing hand-crafted utensils designer is Ethan-James Osborne. Like said above, the personal wiki of Ej is low on the internet and therefore we became unable to explore his date of birth, parents and age details. He went to the UK based Kingston University in order to study the subject  Product design. He also enrolled at the Royal Forestry Society as the student of Arboriculture.


Career and Professional Life

Osborne was keen on using local products to modify and make their optimum use locally. He started exploring traditional heritage crafts after completing his education. He uses different traditional simple techniques to use woods for carving functional spoons and utensils. He was living a normal life but eventually, EJ appeared into the limelight after appearing BBC One’s craft and up-cycling daytime show entitled “Money For Nothing.” In addition to his television appearances, Ethan-James is also popular for his published book named ‘Hatchet+Bear Spoon Carving’ by Quadrille in 2017.


EJ Osborne Image


Personal Life

The marital status of Ej has not been disclosed and the curiosity regarding his wife/girlfriend/partner is still unsolved. He was probably of white ethnicity background holding British nationality. He loved to spend time with nature and enjoys his professional life from the heart.

When did EJ Osborne die?

He died on September 21, 2020, after a long battle with cancer. He died at the age of 45.


Body Measurements

Looking at the pictures of him, Ej was blessed with an average height. He used to hold an attractive personality and has a good sense of dressing. He used to look being physically active with a maintained physique.


Salary and Net worth

The new face of craft on BBC daytime Osborne used to receive an impressive amount of salary for “Money for Nothing.” The exact amount of net worth accumulated by Osborne is still under review. Most of his earnings were supposed to be generated from the sales of his products. EJ is enjoying his growing television career and operates a successful online shop which is boosting up his net worth.


EJ Osborne Instagram


Wiki and Facts

Despite being a television personality, EJ Osborne’s profile is not prepared on Wikipedia and IMDb as of now. However, the new face of craft design was active on social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram where he has amassed more than 900 and 34k followers respectively. His Twitter account can be reached @ejosborne and similarly his Instagram @hatchetandbear. After his death, his Twitter account doesn’t exist anymore.


  1. I always presumed EJ was a transgender female. I could be wrong, but he has the appearance of having been born a girl.

    • He is a transgender man. Not female. Please be mindful and careful of the things we say about other people’s gender and please avoid expressing opinions on how someone looks to you. No one is gona hand out an award for ‘guessing’ someone’s gender identity or personal journey.

      • Jennie,
        Yeah, I always assumed EJ was born female, and transitioned to male. The extent of their transition isn’t that public it seems.

        I think it’s pretty clear that nobody is aiming to cause offence. Issues around gender aren’t helped by people getting really upset at other people’s innocent assumptions or misuse of words… not everyone knows (regardless of whether they agree with it or not) the ins and outs of the LGBTQ+ community and all the different self descriptions and pronouns that people use.

        • I loved E J, always happy, smiling and polite, it doesn’t matter what he was, all I know is he was wonderful.
          I will miss him so much, for all his friends and family I send condolences………….I’ve spent my life in nursing but I still struggle with death, finding it so difficult to know I will never see E J again. Xxxx

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