Is FaZe Rug Married? His Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Brother, Height, Net worth and Religion

Is FaZe Rug married? No, he isn’t. However, he is in a relationship with a popular YouTube personality named Molly Eskam (born on September 29, 1998). Rug’s girlfriend Molly is also known for being a swimwear & bikini model. Molly has a large number of followers on her Instagram profile and YouTube channel.

Rug and Eskam have been dating for a long time. They are one of the perfect young couples who have gone viral throughout the internet. They are very young and therefore haven’t thought of getting married soon. It’s time for the young love birds to establish their career rather than being in a conjugal life now. The perfect couple has appeared together in many of their YouTube videos.

Talking about Rug’s past relationship, he dated a lady named Kaelyn. The duo was featured in FaZe Rug’s brother Brandon Awadis’ Snapchat video where they were seen sharing a passionate lip-lock. The video shocked every fan which was published on 30 August 2016. The teen couple was confused about their relationship and finally ended their love life. Scroll down to explore more interesting personal facts and biography of Rug:


Who is FaZe Rug?

Born as Brian Awadis (real name), the landed the planet on 9 November 1996, which makes her age of FaZe Rug be 24 years old as of 2020. By profession, he is a YouTuber, gamer and a successful vlogger. The appropriate use of social media platforms has made him established as one of the most popular young people on social networking sites.

FaZe has been using his YouTube channel and social handles as his professional area. He is popular among the youths for contributing the group called FaZe Clan as its director where many people participate together to show their real talents. Rug has been regularly uploading gaming content in his YouTube channel.

Rug’s YouTube channel has already garnered more than 2.6 billion views making him one of the most celebrated YouTubers in the world. One of his videos entitled “Cocaine Prank” has been already watched for more than 17 million times.


Early Life and Education

Brian Awadis who is popular by the name “FaZe Rug” was born in 1993 and his place of birth is in San Diego, California, US. Talking about his family background, he was born to the parents named Sana Awadis AKA Mama Rug (mother) and Ron Awadis AKA Papa Rug (father). His mother came to San Diego after initiating conjugal life with Ron Awadis in 1987.

He has spent memorable childhood days with an elder brother named Brandon Awadis. Brandon Awadis is mostly credited for serving as an aspiring NBA analyst and being a YouTuber as well.

Brian Awadis would be born in Iraq and might have to hold Iraqu\i nationality if his parents haven’t migrated to the United States. While discussing his education and academic achievements, Rug is supposed to be a college drop-out student who quit his academic learning in order to pursue a career on the internet itself.


Career and Professional Life

July 11, 2012, is the day when Brian Awadis joined the Youtube which was one of the top growing social media platforms for videos. Awadis decided to quit his college and started being focused on making video content. His hard work, dedication and utmost effort have made him the person who has been watched for over a billion times on the internet.

In addition to his youtube channel, Awadis is making him busy in the group named FaZe Clan. He has referred his game content uploading task as ‘Call of Duty’ projects. He’s funny and entertaining videos have been able to earn interest from the rapidly increasing subscribers.

On January 9, 2015, Rug published a video entitled Cocaine Prank which has turned as his most watched videos to date. He pranks his mother pretending the salt packet to be cocaine and frustrated/ angry mother even beats him by her sandals.

Rug’s other popular video is titled “I Filled my Swimming Pool with GIANT SNAKES!! **scary**” has amassed over 16 million views. As per his YouTube channel’s description, Faze Rug received 1,000,000 Subscribers on October 9, 2015. On April 14, 2016, he doubled the number of subscribers to 2,000,000. After three months, the number crossed 3,000,000 and reached 4,000,000 on December 28, 2016.

On April 26, 2019, FaZe Rug was able to retain 12,000,000 Subscribers. Most of his video presents his family members and people feel happy to see such a lovely family on the internet.


Personal Life

American YouTuber FaZe Rug isn’t married yet but is dating YouTuber Molly Eskam who is two years younger to him. The couple has been the part of many published videos including the June 30, 2017, published video named “OUR FIRST KISS!! (ft. Molly Eskam) | FaZe Rug.”


Is Faze Rug Muslim?

Faze Rug is Muslim by religion. His parents are from Iraq and therefore his ethnicity is said to be Middle Eastern (Iraqi ancestry).


Body Measurements

The young YouTube personality FaZe Rug has an average height of 5 feet and 7 inches. His weight is maintained to 65 kilograms making him perfectly balanced as per his height. His appealing body structure has made us assume that Awadis is remaining under a pre-planned diet and workout.


Salary and Net worth

FaZe Rug has an estimated net worth of 2 million USD. His earnings mostly depend on the internet which has provided him both name and fame. As a part of FaZe Clan merchandise, Awadis has also released clothing items.


Wiki and Facts

The biography of FaZe Rug is prepared by various wiki sites but is still missing from Wikipedia and IMDb. The internet star is active on Twitter @fazerug where he has been followed by over 2.4 million followers. His Instagram profile is reachable @fazerug where he has amassed over 4.7 million followers now.


  1. Hey, I was just saying faze rug parents are actually Christina’s because they speak chaldean and yes they are Iraqis because I am assryian and I am from Iraq.

  2. A bit odd to assume he’s Muslim just for coming from Iraq, as he often collaborated with a Catholic priest in his vlog to bless his home and has a statue of Mary, plus was raised in a Catholic home. Unless if he himself later converted to Islam

  3. Hello I just wanted to say in his most recent video as of 11/3 2022 his mom confirmed that they are Christian. If you are wondering where this is confirmed fast forward to 2:55

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