Is James Franco Married? His Bio, Age, Wife, Son, Relationship and Nationality

Is James Franco married? No, he isn’t. This means that there is no one as a wife in Franco’s life. Considering his support to the LGBT community and his roles as a gay on the movies, his sexual orientation was the subject matter of the debate in media sources. Regarding his sexuality, he, in response stated that he finds more dimension over their bedroom proclivities to the characters. According to him, people define one’s sexuality by his actions not by his performance on his bed. In clear words, he stated that he is straight in his life although he seems to be gay in art.

Regarding his previous relationship, Franco has been in the relationship with Marla Sokoloff with whom he met on the set of Whatever It Takes for the first time. The couple dated for five years starting from 1999. Later, he was romantically linked to actress Ahna O’Reilly but broke up their relationship in 2011 and their separation was confirmed in August 2011 during an interview for Playboy magazine. The reason behind the separation was said to Franco’s interest in education. Scroll down to get to know more about Franco’s bio and interesting personal/ love life facts below:


Who is James Franco?

Born as James Edward Franco, he is a renowned American actor and filmmaker who is also noted for his work as the college instructor. According to his bio, James was born on April 19, 1978, which makes her age be 42 years old as of 2020. He received a nomination for n Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in the 2010 biographical survival film 127 Hours.

He is also recognized for his roles in movies like Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy (2002–2007), Spring Breakers (2012), Pineapple Express (2008); Eat, Pray, Love (2010) and much more. He also earned the Golden Globe Award for his performance in the movie The Disaster Artist (2017) in the category for Best Actor. Further, he is widely popular for his collaboration with fellow actor Seth Rogen in various movies and television series.


Early Life and Education

Franco was born in 1978 and his place of birth is in Palo Alto, California, the United States of America. James Franco is the eldest son to the parents named Betsy Lou (mother) and Douglas Eugene Franco (father). His mother is a writer and an occasional actress whereas his father operates a Silicon Valley business.

Talking about his family background, his father is Swedish and Portuguese ancestry whereas his mother belongs to Russian Jewish descent. Further, it has been known that his maternal grandfather named Daniel changed his surname Verne from Verovitz after 1940. Similarly, his maternal grandmother named Mitzie used to ran a prominent Verne Art Gallery in Cleveland, Ohio and was considered for her contribution to the National Council of Jewish Women by being an active member. Likewise, his paternal grandmother named Marjorie used to be the author of young adult books.


James spent his childhood days in California. He is blessed with two brothers named Tom (born on April 14, 1980) and Dave (born on June 12, 1985) who are also established actors in the industry. His father encouraged him to amass good grades. Talking about her education and academic achievements, James attended Palo Alto High School from where he completed his graduation in 1996. He later joined CSSSA for theater studies in 1998.


During his high school period, Franco was accused of underage drinking and was also arrested for being the part of the group that theft in department stores and sold the theft designer fragrances to classmates. Earlier, he was interested in becoming a marine zoologist. He later joined the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and studied English as his major subject. However, he dropped out of the University after a year in against his parents’ interest in order to pursue his acting career. After dropping out, James started taking acting lessons with Robert Carnegie. To support himself, he started doing a late-night job at McDonald’s.


Career and Professional Life

After receiving 15 months of training, James went for participating in auditions in Los Angeles. He first appeared in a television commercial for a Pizza Hut. In 1999, he made his first break after being the cast member of the NBC television series Freaks and Geeks in a leading role. He was later seen in director Mark Rydell’s 2001 TV biographical film James Dean portraying the title role. He turned as the smoker consuming two packs of cigarettes a day from a non-smoker in order to immerse himself in the role. Further, he learned to ride a motorbike and bleached his hair to blonde from dark brown.

From the 2002 superhero film Spider-Man, James earned worldwide popularity where he portrayed the role of Harry Osborn, the best friend of Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire). The movie was commercially hit which grossed $114 million within the opening weekend in North America. Since then, he has been part of popular movies and roles.

In 2002, he was seen in Sonny which was directed by Nicolas Cage. James Is one of those versatile actors who fully justify the characters that he portrays. In 2007, he appeared as Harry Osborn in the blockbuster Spider-Man 3. The same year, he made a cameo appearance in comedy Knocked Up directed by Apatow. He was also the part of the dark fantasy dramedy film Camille which is a low-budget independent project presenting the story of a young newlywed couple.


In 2008, James was starred in a stoner comedy Pineapple Express which was produced by Judd Apatow. In 2010, he became the part of biographical romantic comedy-drama film Eat, Pray, Love. Following year, James was seen as the cast member of the science fiction film Rise of the Planet of the Apes. In 2012, he became popular for his role in the crime movie Spring Breakers which was written and directed by Harmony Korine. James appeared in popular movies like Oz the Great and Powerful and This Is the End In the year 2013. For his role in the biographical comedy-drama film The Disaster Artist (2017) as Tommy Wiseau, he received the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor.


Personal Life

Many of his characters in the movies are of a guy who is attracted to the male. This has led to confusion in people’s minds about James’ sexuality. However, he has confirmed in the media that he is straight. Further, he has supported the LHBY community for their issues. His marital status is unmarried and possibly loves his cheerful single life. He has encountered a romantic relationship numerous times in the past. He has dated Marla Sokoloff and Ahna O’Reilly but none of them could turn as James Franco’s wife.


Body Measurements

Actor James Franco has a height of 5 feet and 10 inches. He admits that he appears taller in the movies comparing to his real life. Regarding his weight, he weighs about 76 kilograms and has maintained a perfect BMI calculation. His amazing figure and versatile personalities are something special that makes him deserving of the lead roles and some high-budgeted movies like Annapolis and Spiderman.


Salary and Net worth

James Franco has an estimated net worth amounting to 30 million USD. In addition to filmmaking and acting, he has also made a great achievement in working as a college instructor. Further, his jaw-dropping amount of net worth is not for his one personal use as the American actor is found investing the huge amount of his earnings to charitable works. He became the receiver of the Ally Award in April 2013 during the 15th annual Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival for his support to the LGBT community.


Wiki and Facts

American actor Franco has his biography mentioned on most of the demanded wiki sites including Wikipedia. It seems like, he is not available on social networking sites including Instagram and Twitter. People are eager to find James Instagram name although his official account isn’t there.


  1. I’m a massive fan. I find him to be funny, witty, sexy, and irrefutably the best against his actor peers. Hang tight in finding a great ladies, james!!! I too wish I could to find someone of your stature and good nature.

  2. Your such a great actor and so damn sexy, it’s unlawful to be that hot but it seems it really hasn’t gone to your head. I love your movies and the FACT that your such a great human being only shows everyone your not “mister hollywood” but a genuine person. Also your paintings are very moving, funny and dark all at the same time but I have a personal favorite “fat squirrel”. I’m a bit disappointed in you because you hurt someone I’m very fond of and you were very cruel to an old, loyal and truthful person that was very much a part of your life.
    I hope one day you’ll return to where you belong {on screen} as your fans are patiently waiting. I wish you the best even though your not my favorite person right now!!

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