Is Joan Jett Married? Her Bio, Birthday, Age, Husband, Parents, Children and Family

Is Joan Jett married? No, she isn’t. However, she was rumored to have dated Kira Roessler, Lisa Curland, Stephanie Adams and Chuck Zito. She has always been dragged to rumors for being a lesbian to which she has consistently refused either to confirm or deny.


Joan Jett


She addressed the rumors in 2006 stating that she has no idea where the people are making a statement about her personal life. Let’s explore in detail about Jett’s personal facts and biography below:


Who is Joan Jett?

Born as Joan Marie Larkin, she is a popular American rock singer, musician, record producer, songwriter and is also recognized for being an occasional actress. She was born on September 22, 1958, which makes Joan Jett’s age be 62 years old as of 2020. She is mostly known for contributing her band, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts as the frontwoman.

She has also contributed as the founder and performer with the Runaways with which the famous song “Cherry Bomb” was released. She is also popular for her hit song I Love Rock ‘n Roll whose The Blackhearts’ version reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100 in 1982 for seven weeks. She is also noted for songs like Crimson and Clover, Bad Reputation, Light of Day, Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah), Dirty Deeds and I Hate Myself for Loving You.

Jett’s three albums have been certified Platinum or Gold and is recognized for being one of the renowned feminist icons in the industry. She is blessed with a mezzo-soprano vocal range and has been named as the Godmother of Punk and also the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll.


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Early Life and Education

Joan was born in 1958 and her place of birth is in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania at Lankenau Hospital. However, some online sources have listed her date of birth on September 22, 1960, which has created doubt in her actual age. She was born to the parents named James Larkin (father) and Dorothy Jett Larkin (mother). Among the three children of her parents, Joan Jett is the eldest and has spent memorable childhood days with her family. Her father was an insurance agent whereas her mother used to work as a secretary. She grew up in a Protestant family and frequently used to visit church although the family was not particularly religious.

At the age of nine, she moved to Rockville, Maryland with her parents and started studying at Randolph Junior High. Later, she attended Wheaton High School. She was passionate about music in her school days and got her first guitar when she reached 14. After that, she took some guitar lessons but couldn’t continue the classes because her instructor was only interested in teaching folk songs. Later, the family moved to California which became fruitful to Jett’s musical career where she explored the opportunities to imitate her musical journey. After the divorce of her parents, Joan took her mother’s maiden name which later turned as her professional and legal name.


Career and Professional Life

Jett started her music journey after being the founder member of an all-female teenage American rock band named The Runaways alongside Sandy West. Creating the classic lineup, Lita Ford, Cherie Currie and Jackie Fox later joined the band. The 1970’s established band released four studio albums. The popular songs from the band are Cherry Bomb, Queens of Noise, Hollywood and is also noted for presenting the cover version of Rock & Roll by Velvet Underground.

In 1979, Jett moved to England for initiating her solo career and recorded songs with English rock punk band Sex Pistols’ Paul Cook and Steve Jones. With Laguna, she formed the Blackhearts. The band made their tour on several corners of the world. The turning point in her career can be considered to the concert in New York City at the Palladium. One of the songs entitled Long Live the Night released in 1990 was a massive hit which was written by Jett with Randy Cantor and Michael Caruso.

In 1992, she produced for the band Circus Lupus and after a year, she produced for Bikini Kill in 1994. With Springsteen, she played on the stage for the first time together in October 2001. Joan Jett & the Blackhearts became the part of the Foo Fighters 20th Anniversary show on July 4, 2015, in Washington D.C. at the RFK Stadium. She entered into the contract with Sony Music’s Legacy Recordings for a music distribution deal in September 2018.


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Personal Life

American singer Joan Jett isn’t married and is living a life free of a husband. Her sexual orientation is a matter of debate and therefore she has always been rumored to be lesbian or bisexual. Jett has always maintained her lips tight when it comes to revealing her boyfriend or her relationship status. We wish that Jett would soon found a perfect partner who could hold her hands forever as her loving spouse.

During the 2004 election, Jett supported the Howard Dean and the reason is said to be his opposition to the Iraq war. She is an animal lover and is found supporting Farm Sanctuary and also PETA (People for the Ethical Treatments of Animals).


Body Measurements

Despite being in her 60’s, Jett looks much younger than her actual age. The credit goes to her well-living habits as she is concerned with her healthy food habits and regular workout activities. She stands at an average height of 5 feet and 5 inches and weighs about 56 kilograms. Her body measurement is said to be 34-24-34 inches which has given her a slim body structure. Jett is blessed with an appealing personality where her hair and eyes are black and brown light in color.


Joan Jett Performance


Jett always intakes vegetarian food and has been promoting vegetarianism for more than two decades. She has been the advocate of vegan living after learning-intensive animal farming’s impact on the environment.


Salary and Net worth

Joan Jett is active in the industry since 1975 which has made her retain the net worth of 7 million USD. In addition to the financial rewards, she has earned numerous awards and titles in her name including the Long Island Music Hall of Fame. She received the Nanci Alexander Activist Award on behalf of animal farewell in 2012. Further, she is also noticed for being the winner of the AP Icon Award in 2014. Besides that, Jett has retained the 2014 Golden God Award in her name.


Wiki and Facts

Wikipedia, IMDb and some other popular wiki sites have provided Joan Jett’s bio. She is also active on the social networking sites where her Facebook Page is available @joanjettandtheblackhearts where Jett has amassed over 1.4 million followers. On her Instagram profile @joanjett, she has garnered over 350k followers whereas her Twitter profile @joanjett is being followed by more than 300k people.


  1. I have always loved Joan Jett and the blackhearts since I first heard the song I Love Rock and Roll when I was a tween. They were the first rock concert I ever saw and was hooked. Who gives a crap if Joan Jett is gay or not, that’s just a-holes who have nothing better to do with their pathetic lives. To me Joan Jett is the rock and roll version of Wonder Woman! keep rocking!!

  2. It was 1980 (I believe) in The Hamptons, N.Y. I drove out from Island Park, N.Y. just to see Joan Jett. And yeah, she was great musically, stage presents and of course, her beauty! The band played it’s last song. Joan was greeting fans from the stage (high 5’s, etc.). She came in my direction and to my surprise, she grabbed my hand to pull me onstage saying c’mon… ***Hey, only to ‘talk’ back stage or something like that you pervs!*** UNFORTUNATELY, at the time I was foolishly engaged to a woman. Only because she was a model whom I left a few months later. What made this so unfortunate: yup, she was right there at my side. She was so mad because she could tell I really wanted to go with Joan! So, she instantly started pulling on my other hand and arm so, I couldn’t leave her and go up and meet Joan. Joan made 2 more quick hard pulls then stopped. Shit!!! It happened all so quick. Way too quick! I should’ve went with Joan! We had friends there and I knew I was going to leave her but, I just didn’t do it because it wasn’t the right thing to do. So, to this day, I REGRET not going with Joan!!! Since then, for 40 years, every time I hear her sing, see a pic., hear her name, etc. the first thing that hits me is that moment! Just to talk, hang out or party with Joan would’ve been so f’n cool! Even for 20 min. or so… Wow, writing this sucks! Bumbed in FL. lol

    • i believe your story in its entirety, john. joan is or has been beautiful, although in some photographs it looks like she has had some cosmetic surgery done, particularly around the eyes and nose. she also may have had cosmetic dental work done. i have been a fan since probably 1991, she was born 14 months and 14 days after me, and i really loved her from 1997 to 2012, when i saw her in concert at a zucchini festival just outside columbus, ohio. i was wearing sunglasses, and i can’t recall if she were too, but when she came into my view, she seemed to react to me in a positive, attracted way. i will always believe that joan and the original lynyrd skynyrd were the two best artists live as they sounded close to their recorded versions in concert. i was so infatuated with joan, that a gay acquaintance of mine once said in the mid-90’s: you know you don’t have any chance at all of ever meeting, let alone being with her. i feel if i hadn’t broken eye contact and approached her,i could have at least have made a backstage conversation such as you describe, at least.i’ve kinda lost my love of joan over the past eight years, as i accepted the fact she was at least bisexual, her friend miley cyrus, and the french song recording from the album, album. yeah, joan, i do say three’s a crowd. hence, according to logic, she has to laugh out loud. nancy wilson, however, i saw heart in the mid-70’s with my girlfriend, and i hope she didn’t sense my attraction at her moving backstage to get a second guitar after breaking a string in the intro to a song. to this day i’ve never seen a more athletic, graceful, powerful,woman strut. joan has aged better, however, and her measurements of 34-24-34 are pretty damn close to perfect. joan could be my dream woman, my forever in every lifetime mate if it weren’t for her penchant for threesomes.

  3. Hey Tim,
    Why would I make up a story like that, which DID happen like 40 years ago? There’s no point!
    Oh wait, you must’ve been that smelly piece of dung that was standing next to me when it happened.
    Still jealous!!!??? Hahaha

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