Is Jorge Arantes Married? His Bio, Age, Wife (J.K. Rowling), Net worth and Wikipedia

Is Jorge Arantes married? No, he isn’t. Regarding his marital status, Arantes is a divorced man. He is the subject of the public’s curiosity for being the former husband of British novelist/ film producer/ philanthropist/ television producer and screenwriter, Joanne Rowling who is popular but her pen names like J. K. Rowling and Robert Galbraith.

The couple met at a cafe in Porto, Portugal where J.K. Rowling was teaching English as a foreign language as part of an advertisement in The Guardian. The duo found some similarities between them and also shared a common interest in Jane Austen. They fell in love which made the couple tied their knot on 16 October 1992. Arantes and his wife Rowling welcomed their first child on 27 July 1993, in Portugal as a daughter who is named after English author Jessica Mitford. During their conjugal life, Rowling also went through a miscarriage. However, the couple couldn’t continue their relationship and adjust with each other which made them separate on 17 November 1993.

Some sources have claimed that Arantes used to make domestic violence against his wife which is not verified. After a month of the separation, Arantes was left all alone as Rowling and their daughter Jessica Isabel Rowling Arantes moved to Edinburgh, Scotland. Arantes followed them to Scotland but has to return back to his country empty-handed as J.K. Rowling grabbed Order of Restraint.

After the separation, J.K. Rowling married a Scottish doctor named Neil Murray with whom she is the mother of two kids named David Gordon Rowling Murray (son) and Mackenzie Jean Rowling Murray (daughter). Scroll down to explore more interesting personal facts and biography of Jorge:


Who is Jorge Arantes?

Jorge Arantes is a Portuguese journalist but what he does currently for the living is not known. He is in the public’s eye because of his past marital relationship with the famous English author. {reviously, he used to be a drug addict as well and therefore his personal life was completely spoiled. According to him, he has helped Rowling to frame the Harry Potter stories which have been s popular all over the world.


Early Life and Education

Jorge Arantes was born in 1967 which makes his age be 53 years old as of 2020. He was born to a Portuguese family in Portugal and his mother’s name is Marilia Rodrigues. He has also a brother named Justino who is a travel agent by profession. Regarding his education, he has graduated majoring in Journalism.


Career and Professional Life

Jorge Arantes was a successful television journalist. After the tragedy with his wife and daughter, Arantes went through panic depression leading him to get drag into drug addiction. His life was falling apart and everything in his life was getting destroyed including his professional life. The drug addiction made him lost his job as a television journalist.

Because of the addiction, he went through a financial crisis making him steal his family’s heirlooms and jewelry. Arantes claims that he is the first person to read the Harry Potter story as Rowling started writing it before their separation. As per him, he has also helped her in the process of framing the popular story.


Personal Life

Jorge Arantes was 23 years old journalism student when he met Rowling who was 25 years old English teacher in Portugal at a café where she was enjoying with some of her friends. He was in love at first sight being impressed with her aquamarine eyes and wished to pick her up. They communicated but Rowling was having trouble communicating in Portuguese but Arantes managed to talk in English and the moment created the connection between them. They found common between them in many things and also talked about the book written by Jane Austen entitled ‘Sense and Sensibility.’ At the end of the night, they exchanged their phone number and also had a kiss. After a couple of days, the duo had their first date which ended up in bed, according to Arantes.

The two independent young people were enjoying their life and entered into an intense and passionate relationship. Slowly, they started getting arguments and their relationship could sometime feel them as heaven or sometimes as hell too. They used to live together with a shabby two-bedroom apartment and found that Rowling was pregnant which was totally unplanned and unexpected.

However, the couple were determined and agreed to fulfill their parenthood obligation but unfortunately, Joanne miscarried. She conceived again and this time Jorge proposed her to get married. They welcomed their first and only child as a daughter named Jessica on July 27, 1993. Unfortunately, their relationship started getting worst where Jorge ordered Joanne to leave the apartment but she refused to go alone without her daughter. Arantes dragged Joanne out of the house early in the morning at 5 and even slapped her hard.

The valence made Joanne move to Edinburgh with her daughter and eventually, Arantes followed them within three months. He made his effort to resolve the issues but this time Joanne said that their conjugal life was over. After returning back to Portugal, his life went destroying. He fell into drug addiction from which he has now recovered. He now lives in a small apartment in the Paris suburb of Clichy sharing with his sibling named Justino.


Body Measurements

Jorge Arantes has a perfect height and used to stand perfectly balanced in front of his former wife J.K. Rowling who is 5 feet and 5 inches tall. However, the actual body statistics of Jorge like his height, weight, feet size, etc. are not disclosed. Other information about his health, fitness and medical reports are not available.


Salary and Net worth

The net worth of former Television journalist Jorge Arantes is under review. On the other hand, his wife Rowling has an estimated net worth of 400 million USD. Jorge has stated that he has no interest in Rowling’s money and the only things matter to him is his daughter. Some British divorce attorneys have said that if there is no prenuptial agreement between them, either partner’s wealth is considered as a community of assets which may make Jorge a wealthier person. However, some specialist has stated that Rowling could be given divorce permission unilaterally as the couple has not cohabited for more than a decade.


Wiki and Facts

The bio of Jorge Arantes is missing from most of the popular wiki sites including Wikipedia. He has no profile on social networking sites like Instagram and Twitter. On the other hand, Rowling’s Instagram account is reachable @joanne_rowling where she is active with more than 4k followers.

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