Is Rosie Mansfield Married? Her Biography, Age, Family, Husband and Net worth

Is Rosie Mansfield married? Possibly, she isn’t. She hasn’t revealed her marital status and relationship facts on her online profile. We have never seen her being on date with a guy and her Instagram profile doesn’t reveal of any guys who could be her husband or a part of her family. Let’s explore in detail about Mansfield’s biography below:


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Hi, it’s me. Just had a little (okay its bigger than usual) Monday musing for the wonderful people who support me on this silly thing ?? Of late I have been trying to push through fear and choose love instead. The thing is I have a pretty long friendship with fear and people struggle to identify myself with it because in many aspects of my world I appear fearless and in many I am☝? The ? doesn’t scare me, but do you know what does? Answering my phone when I am not 100% ‘perfect’, vomiting, the dark, peacocks (yup), losing my health again, being out in the public eye, social trolls, showing vulnerability in social media, being late and of course fear itself. So you see its a funny old fella that anxiety ? Last week in front of a small audience that held wonderful space I told my story properly for the very first time, they were none the wiser of the moment and it was painless. Im not sure if it was to do with the deep resonance I just cant shake off of @hannah_gadsby’s ‘Nannette’, finding a technique that actually works to push through fear thanks to @melrobbinslive’s ‘5-second rule’ or simply surrendering to the fact a new chapter has to begin because I have found the love of my life ❤️ Why are you being soppy Mansfield? Well 1) soppy is the new stoic 2) its taken me 10 years to reach 10k organically on social media, its a small voice in the grand scheme of things, but its more than most and its a responsibility I take seriously. So I want to mark this absolutley not with an endorsement, but with a truth and a thank you ?? Choose love over fear. ? @newscorpaus #Love #Mondaymusings #10k

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Who is Rosie Mansfield?

Rosie Mansfield is a popular nutrition entrepreneur and celebrity nutritionist. She currently resides in her adopted home of Manly Beach, Sydney. Further, she is the author of the book “Food Hacking” which gives the readers a revolutionary way of cooking comprised of the innovation of modern food culture. She is also known for being the television presenter for an Australian television cooking show entitled “Good Chef Bad Chef.”


Early Life and Education

According to Rosie Mansfield’s biography, she was born during the 1980s which makes her age be 30’s as of now. She was raised by her single mother from whom Rosie developed an interest in cooking. She explained in her online profile that she didn’t always have an urban squeaky clean diet. She was raised having ‘Birdseye-McCain Diet.’ Her mother worked hard to grew her and she is too talented in cooking and working in the kitchen.

When she was young, she went kaput, In her words. She developed an interest in becoming a nutritionist. Rosie has turned vegetarian since she turned at the age of three. She has observed her body and realized that it has never demanded meat products. She explains that’s he was born that way.

Career and Professional Life

The cookbook writer and nutritionist is active through her social networking sites and website She was into the limelight when Rosie turned as the presenter of the Australian television cooking show Good Chef Bad Chef alongside Adrian Richardson. The cooking show aired first on the Seven Network. As of now, it is said to be aired on channel Ten. Her show partner Richardson is responsible for presenting indulgent recipes whereas Rosie is mainly seen presenting health-conscious recipes.



Before becoming a nutritionist, she has garnered experience working as a personal trainer. She attended Sydney based at the Australian College of Natural Therapy (ACNT) for studying. She is handling and coaching hungry clients from several corners of the world through an affordable 30-minute facetime consults. Her first book ‘Food Hacker” was launched in July 2018.


Personal Life

Rosie Mansfield is supposed not to be married as of now. But, she might have been making her personal life out of the public attention. She enjoys discovering the wonderful life tool of meditation and is practicing the art of modern Buddhism.



Body Measurements

Rosie Mansfield has an average height and well-toned body structure. She is a fitness freak and gives high importance to work out and diet plans. Being a professional nutritionist, she has the full experience of maintaining a sufficient amount of nutrition as per the body.


Salary and Net worth

Rosie has amassed a jaw-dropping amount of net worth from her cookbook, television career and revenues generated from her clients and profession. However, the actual monetary value of Rosie Mansfield’s net worth and salary is not known.


Wiki and Facts

One can’t read Rosie’s bio on Wikipedia but can explore it on her website. She is available on Instagram @rosiemansfield where the nutritionist has garnered more than 10k followers. Find her on Facebook @oodhackerbyrosiemansfield. For business inquiries, you can contact her through the email address [email protected] For her clients, she deals online through Skype chat and for the contact you can visit her website.

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