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Beside new reporter, weather forecaster, sports player, singer, actors, and politician no other ordinary people can steal the attention.  Even people who have tried hard to acquire Guinness World Record are not so known to the existing billion of the population. But amazing is the story of Jenna Bush Hager a teacher by profession successful in stealing the show, among the existing well-known celebrity.

The question arises, how did she? She might have some political connections to do so or she might be a daughter of a public figure? Without making wonder about her identity, allow us to haunt her personal and professional life which gained her fame, followed by her golden globes evolving story, her twin sister Barbara and her family life.

Golden Globes called for an apology from Jenna Bush, why so?

Jenna Bush is a television personality as we all as teacher and author who is currently working with NBC. On 2017, September 1, Jenna got an opportunity to cover red carpet story at the Golden Globes award. The story evolved after she made an error on pronouncing nomination for “Hidden Figures” instead of “Hidden Fence”. Immediately, Twitter troll became active targeting the event reporter.

The strong lady made no negative reaction to the troll, instead, she made a humble apology stating Red Carpet vibrancy made her slip her mind, making her pronounce the movie name incorrect. She stated, while interviewing, Pharrell accidentally combined the title name of two movies “Hidden Figures” & “Hidden Fences”.  She made a remark on how spectacular both the movies were and apologized for the mistake.

Jenna took the support of social media to apologies while her fans and followers who sincerely love her heartedly supported her.

When anxiety strikes you especially excitement, you cannot control. Be it a red carpet or any political podium, your excitement clearly reveals through your happy voice or overly excited situation where one completely forgets the actual information because of the dazzling scenario especially, award shows, full of handsome hunks and beautiful women.

So, mistakes should not be repeated instead one must learn from it and move ahead, that’s all we can say. Instead of making fun, why not give the person another chance to correct it.

Single or Married? If married who is the man, profession? Any rumor of divorce?

Jenna Bush is a married woman. She married Henry Chase Hager whom she met during her father’s presidential campaign in 2004. The pair got engaged in 2007, but before confronting their relations publicly, Henry sought permission with his father in law, President Bush. The pair made their first public appearance at a White House dinner organized for The Duchess of Cornwall and The Prince of Wales in 2005. In 2008, Henry and Jenna got married in a private ceremony in Crawford, Texas.

On 2012, December 12, Jenna and Henry through Today Show announced the arrival of their first baby daughter Margaret Laura born on 2013, April. Right after three years, she again gave birth to her second daughter Poppy Louise Hager, in August 2015. The presidential daughter along with her husband and children are residing a happily ever after life, with not the slightest rumor of divorce or separation.

Biography & net worth of Jenna Bush:

Jenna Bush Hager was born in 1981, November 25 at Dallas, Texas, US. She is the sororal twin daughter of George W Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush, the 43rd President of USA. While her father was ruling the Presidential position, Jenna and her sister Barbara were the first twin presidential children.

Jenna was given her name after her grandmother Jenna Hawkins. She attended Preston Hollow Elementary School, while graduated from Austin High School. She attended the University of Texas and was a legitimate member of Kappa Alpha Theta and graduated with a degree in English.

Jenna, before coming into fame had surfaced in the news for getting arrested with alcohol-related charges in 2001 for 5 times. After graduation, she got involved in the 2004 presidential campaign. On 2004, August 31, she gave a speech to the Republican Convention. After that, she worked as a teacher in Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom Public Charter School as a part of the UNICEF internship program. At present, she is working as a reading coordinator (part-time) at Seed Public Charter School in Baltimore, Maryland.

Hager is also a writer who has published several books. In 2007, she published a book named, Ana’s Story: A Journey of Hope, in 2008 she published Read All About It, in 2016, she published “Our Great Big Backyard” and in 2017, she along with her sister Barbara published, Sisters First: Stories from Our Wild and Wonderful Life.

In 2009, she got a chance to work as a TV personality for NBC channel as a contributor and correspondent for Today Show. With the progression of time, she is filling in as the Orange Room Anchor from7am to 9 am a show. From her show at NBC Jenna is sure to make a wholesome annual salary of $500,000 while her net worth is sure to be more than $4 million.

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