Is JJ Virgin Married? Her Bio, Age, Diet, Height, Weight and Net worth

Is JJ Virgin married? The famous diet and nutrition expert is a happily married woman. She has been married to her childhood lover named John and is currently spending the best time with him and the couple’s only son Grant.  The bestselling author is equally invested in both her personal and professional life.  That might be the reason that she is loving both portions of her life. JJ has always been vocal for her husband’s support and advocated it in the best way possible

Who is JJ Virgin?

The famous diet expert was born on 19th April 1963 in California of the United States. This makes her age 58 in 2021 according to the bio. She was a brilliant student and loved books from an early age. While growing up the love for health, fitness, cooking, and food led her in choosing the career path which was an equal contributor to all of them. After completing the formal education from the New York University she began her own research activity.  JJ Virgin is a famous weight loss expert, dietician, certified nutrition specialist, fitness expert, and health expert author. She has her own personal brand dedicated to improvising the fitness industry which consists of essential vitamins, protein powder, and other health supplements related to her famous virgin diet.

JJ Virgin Image

A lot of her books talk about her specialized way of eating famously titled the JJ Virgin diet. Due to the extreme popularity of this diet, she is named diet Virgin in the fitness industry. JJ has her own website, a couple of books, her own health podcast, and a personal brand of JJ Virgin health products that have helped a lot of people in weight loss and weight gain. The bestselling author has been rewarded by various American health societies. 

How tall is JJ Virgin?

Diet Virgin as per her personal data is around 5 feet and 6 inches tall with a weight of 56 Kilograms.  A beautiful personality inside out JJ Virgin has a healthy and extremely fit outlook. The health expert gives credit to the intake of nutritious food, healthy supplements, and essential vitamins for her complete health.

Where does she live?

JJ Virgin is currently residing in California in the United States. She has been living there for more than two decades. The certified nutrition specialist says that California has been her business hub and has assisted her in the health and fitness journey of millions of people around the globe. The site has not only been the factory for her personal brand including all JJ Virgin products but also has helped her in reaching this milestone through its continuously evolving behavioral challenges.

Diet Expert JJ Virgin

Net worth

The diet expert has not been quite open about her personal data but with some extreme evaluations, it is estimated that her net worth is 4 million US dollars and annual earning is around 600 K US dollars. A lot of the money comes through the sales of her JJ Virgin products, books sale, health podcast revenue,  and the amount she makes from helping people with weight gain and loss through the subscription of the JJ Virgin diet.

Books and Podcast

The FItness expert has been involved in entitling people through a lot of health, fitness, and nutrition-based knowledge through her books and podcasts. She has written a total of  24 nutrition-based books and has been a part of various talk shows, interviews, TV shows, and podcasts.

JJ Virgin Protein Powder

One of the most famous products from the nutrition expert’s fitness line is the JJ Virgin protein powder. One of the best available in the market. This protein powder is a complete package of quality comprised of quantity. This has been her best-selling product for years so far.

JJ Virgin in her kitchen

Social Media

She has been quite active on social media and keeps on updating her fans through these social media platforms. Currently, she is very active on Instagram and conducts several live programs for her fans. Her Instagram account has 63 K followers and she posted 2358 times to date. The link to her Instagram account is She also uses YouTube actively and has around 30 K subscribers in her channel. There she uploads various healthy recipes and contributes to the overall health of her fans by satisfying their taste buds also.

Quick Facts

Date of Birth: 19 April 1963

Birthplace: San Francisco, United States

Nationality: American

Profession: Fitness Instructor, Nutrition Expert

Height: 5 feet and 6 inches

Weight: 56 Kilograms

Net Worth: US$4 million (estimated)

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Marital Status: Married

Spouse/ Boyfriend: John

Children:  1 son (Grant)


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