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Who says a woman is incompetent enough to stand and walk side by side with a man? The stereotype mythology has been slammed back by ESPN reporter Josina Anderson, who has grabbed stardom through her aggressive oriented career and extreme dedication. The 5ft 8 inch lady with her mighty height has achieved enormous fame at an early age. Although she is an open book about her career life, she is a tightly shut book about her private life especially her married life.

A 39-year-old lady, successful in career, and staying single can be mysterious. Her fans are equally interested in knowing more about her personal life. Without any further do, we will try to sneak in through her private life and get more about her Wikipedia, married life, biography, and Wikipedia.

Josina Anderson Wikipedia & Biography

Josina Anderson was born on 1978 August 15, to a native father Lloyd Anderson and mother Yasmin Anderson at Washington D.C. She is an American nationality born with African-American ethnicity. She started her television career, she graduated from the University of North Caroline with a degree in sports science and exercise. Before getting popular in a TV network, she also gained fame during her school days as an athlete and belly dancer.

In 2000 as a sports reporter to Coos Bay, CBS affiliate. After that she started working for Redskins Magazine, Sideline report and Roundball report. Later she initiated her own ScoopCenter, WKYS 93.9. During her event covering days, she broke the record by covering national magnitude issues with sports which ultimately landed her with a job as an anchor at Fox 31 and as a contributor as NFL insider.

In 2011, she joined ESPN network and became the first female National NFL insider. Her reporting skills are no doubt excellent therefore she is seen giving exclusive interviews with top athletes. Which surely has highlighted and given her big name in the sports field and has added more to her networth of $2.2million with a massive salary in thousands of dollars from ESPN network.

39 years old, still single or silently married?

One of the hottest ESPN reporter with a bikini body and still single. Sounds strange and even raises the question on her sexuality. Well, unfortunately, with not much information about her married life and with no diluted controversial story till date with any men or female sports star, she is surely single.

Had she been married, her close media friends would have in some exclusive interview might have revealed or at least given hint. If she had children she would have shared it through her social media post or taken leave from the channel for her post-pregnancy. Well her bikini body shows she was neither pregnant nor has adopted any child.

Followingly, she also has not been embraced by any rumor of getting involved in a relationship with a same-sex partner. She is clean from every controversy and living a legendary life with her family and friends. As they say, to find the right partner takes a very long time. Getting involved in short term relation would surely create a black mark on one’s character and can even create a negative impact on the ongoing career life.

We can possibly say a smart move has been taken by the news reporter. She is surely waiting for her MR.RIGHT to enter in her life and settle permanently. Or can we say, she was busy focusing on her career, that she could not even lend her mind to date a few men? There are plenty of ifs and buts with no concrete evidence, so we must patiently wait for Josina confession about her love life, till then let’s be patient.

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