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Women are spreading their wings in every field. From CEO to bakehouse, from military to giving birth, she encompasses the power to drive her future in her own way. Bless those men who think women are just for cooking, cleaning and taking care of their children. Trust us, if they can give birth, they can conquer the world. And yes, to add more example to women power, is FIBT World Champion, Lola Jones, who made her nation proud by winning gold in 2013. Her success story is not only bounded in hurdles but also has paved a remarkable way as a bobsledder.

Iconic athlete, who has not only made her country proud but has also become a heartthrob of many men.  Just like her games, Lolo seems to be going through a series of ups and downs in her relationship, which is making her grab headlines. To be more specific she has been facing a hurdle in her love life. Let’s go and find out more about her fluctuating relationship and more about her ethnicity, parents, race & bio.

Is she ready to say “YES! I Do” or still in hurdle situation of “undefined relationship”?

The lowa born beauty, Lolo pointed her virginity becoming a curse on her dating life. Ample of rejection and downturn on a relationship is mainly due to her “virgin” status which she openly confronted during an interview with HBO sports back in 2012. It all started then, when she stated, “Harder than graduating college, harder than training for Olympics is harder staying virgin for marriage.”

She further said, how men react when she confronts it. She said, either they give a plain straight respecting look while at a mean time their eyes show different status of being a deceiver. She also spoke about finding a real right date with whom she sees her future.

Years ago, Lolo dated Blake Griffin, where through her Instagram post after her break up announced him to be a terrible kisser. She also managed to stay on news for flirting viciously with Jimmy Butler on Instagram.

At present, Lola is busy brushing herself up she is steaming her vacation in Hawaii. She has been giving strong summer goals for every single woman, through her Instagram post. She has been flaunting her summer body and asking people to enjoy their summer.

Lola Jones is probably single right one. She might be waiting for the right man, before further proceeding. Her statements release she wants a stable man in her life, instead of runners. She is looking forward to a man, who would remain by her side and fix things instead of moving out.  Lola Jones is single, any interested man willing to seek long term relationship can give it a try!

Biography & Net worth of Lola Jones

Lola Jones was born in 1982, August 5, at Des Moines, Iowa. She holds multi-ethnicity, as she is a native American, African, French and Norwegian descent. The 35-year-old is a true follower of Christianity and strictly holds faith in her religion.

Before getting the name Lola, she was named as “Lori”. In eight years, she said to have attended eight schools. She was brought up by her mother, as her father was serving for Air Force and later remained in prison for the rest of his life.

In 2005, she graduated from Louisiana State University and is currently staying in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Before graduation, in 2004, she won 100m hurdles, NACAC U-23 championship held in Canada. In 2007 she won her first national championship i.e. USA Indoor Championships, in Valencia, Spain. In 2010, she again won, World Indoor Championship held at Doha, Qatar for 60m hurdles. In 2015, she grabbed the first position in 100m hurdles at San Jose, Costa Rica in NACAC Championship.

While in 2008, Lola grabbed the seventh position in Olympic games, for 100m hurdles, held at Beijing, China. Again in 2012, she grabbed the fourth position in the Olympic Games, for 100m hurdles in London, UK.

Besides, sports Lola is also actively involved in charity works. She donated $3000, to her school Roosevelt High School. In 2008, she donated her cash prize of $4000 to a single mother from Iowa who was hit by flood in 2008.

Jones has also appeared in television reality show and magazine. In 2009, she appeared in the front cover of The Body Issue of The ESPN Magazine. In 2012, she appeared in the episode of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. In 2013 she was announced as a cast of Left Behind movie series. In 2014, she participated in the 19th season of “Dancing with the Stars”. In 2016 she was a guest on “Whose Line is it Anyway?”. In 2017, she joined MTV mini-series, “The Challenge: Champs Vs Pros”.  Her strong will power and dedication has accumulated a total net worth of $1.5 million.

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