Oleksandra Zelensky Age, Family and Facts (Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s Daughter)

This blog is all about Oleksandra Zelensky who is better known for being the daughter of Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy (born on 25 January 1978). Her father turned out to be a recognized politician following the Russian invade of Ukraine in February 2022.

The daughter of Ukraine’s President has been in the limelight after the family life of Zelenskyy has been the topic for various media. She describes herself to be the proud daughter of the man who has always stood and inspired the entire nation to protect the country and fight for it.

Oleksandra Zelensky Age

Oleksandra Zelensky was born in July 2004, which makes her age be 18 years old as of 2022. She was born after a year of her parents’ wedding.

Her parents were married in September 2003 and they came to know each other from their school days. They have dated for a long time before entering into the conjugal life and now share two children together.

About her Father

Oleksandra’s father Volodymyr is a former actor and comedian who is now a famous [personality in the world’s politics. He has proven his political excellence and shows how the weaker country can stay together to defend their nation from the most powerful country in the world has got more advanced weapons and more military forces.

Oleksandra’s father grew up in Kryvyi Rih as a native Russian speaker who obtained his law degree by attending the Kyiv National Economic University. He rose into the limelight by pursuing his acting career where he founded the production company titled Kvartal 95 which has produced movies shows like Servant of the People where Volodymyr appeared in the role of president of Ukraine.

The political scenario of Ukraine changed when a political party bearing the same name on the TV show was established in March 2018 by the team members of Kvartal 95. On 31 December 2018, Volodymyr announced his candidacy for the 2019 Ukrainian presidential election. This began the new journey of his political career offering him the opportunity to serve the country being in the most prestigious post. He is known for his outstanding ability to use social media to communicate where he mostly uses Instagram.

Oleksandra Zelensky Image

About her Mother, Olena Volodymyrivna Zelenska (née Kiyashko)

Her mother Olena Zelenska was born on 6 February 1978 and is now serving the country being the First Lady of Ukraine. She is a screenwriter by profession but now she has done her excellent job as the First Lady of the country. She has worked on various social projects including the promotion of the Ukrainian language in the world. She has also given special emphasis on improving food quality and revising the food system in Ukraine’s school for students.

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Wikipedia and Instagram

The biography of Oleksandra Zelensky is prepared by various wiki sites but is still missing from Wikipedia. There are no verified social networking accounts in Oleksandra’s name. On the other hand, her father has amassed over 14.8 million followers on his Instagram account @zelenskiy_official.

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