Pickle the Pig Age, Dancing, Pet, Chips and Wants a Belly Rub


The article is all about a pet pig named as “Pickle” and here we have presented all about this Pickle the mini pig. He is famous on the YouTube as his owner (father) Max DiNatale often post his funny videos on the YouTube channel. Thousands of viewers have already been entertained by his funny and dancing videos. Pickle the Pig age is 3 years old as of 2019 considering his birth date July 02, 2015.


The mini pig named Pickle the pig was born in Florida, the United States of America and his current resides in Greenville, SC with his dad Max DiNatale who is his entire family and the world.




What are Pickle the Pig favorites?


You might be eager to know pet favorites and hobbies as he is so cute and lovely. He loves to smile a lot and also, he has developed a keen interest in dancing which is amazing and funny to watch. He often wants a belly rub and his favorite food is raisins, chips & ice cream. He loves to play and follow his dad around and bury himself in lots of blankets and play in his laundry.



I love bday parties and smiling!!!!!! #party #bday #guestofhonor #smile #hbd #greenville #yeahthatgreenville #yeahthatpickle

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Wiki and Facts


Pickle the Pig is not a human being but just a mini pig who is good at dancing. Despite that, he has been entertaining the internet world through his funny videos captured by his dad. He is too cute and is lovely at this age.


One of his funniest videos titled “Hey Pickle, You want a belly rub?” has been viewed more than 126k times and watch the video on the Link.


Get his latest post on his Official Facebook Page that is already been followed by more than 13k internet users.


Pickle the Pig is hugely followed on his Instagram Account

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