WWE Roman Reigns’ Net worth, Age, Family, Religion, Height and Real Name

How much is WWE Roman Reigns’ net worth? The 2015 Royal Rumble winner has an estimated net worth of US$12 million. In addition to wrestling, he is also credited for his acting roles and was a former professional gridiron football player. As of 2020, he is the current WWE Universal Champion who has been signed to WWE on the SmackDown brand. Many people recognize him as part of the Anoa’i wrestling family including brother Rosey and cousins The Tonga Kid, Rikishi, Umaga and Yokozuna. Roman is also a cousin to wrestler and movie star, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Is Roman Reigns the highest-paid wrestler? How much is his salary?

At present, he is the second-highest-paid wrestler in the WWE behind Brock Lesnar. His estimated earning is US$4.5 million for his wrestling works. He has already headlined multiple WWE pay-per-view events and has held the WWE Championship three times. He has held the WWE Universal Championship twice and also earned WWE Intercontinental Champion and the WWE United States Champion WWE Tag Team Champion (with Seth Rollins). He was the 2014 Superstar of the Year and was named the 2015 Royal Rumble winner. Previously, he held the record for most eliminations in a Royal Rumble match in the 2014 event where he eliminated 12 other wrestlers. He turned the seventeenth Grand Slam Champion and the twenty-eighth Triple Crown Champion after getting victorious for the Intercontinental Championship.

What is his real name?

His birth name is Leati Joseph Anoa’I but is often called ‘Joe’ in his real life. Besides ‘Roman Reigns’, he is also nicknamed as Joe Anoaʻi, Leakee and Roman Leakee. He is also popular as ‘The Big Dog.’

How old is Anoa’I?

He was born on May 25, 1985, making him 36 years old as of 2021. Considering his birth date, Anoa’I’s sun sign is Gemini.


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Who are Anoa’I’s parents?

He was born to parents named Patricia Hooker (mother) and Sika Anoaʻi (father). His father is a retired professional wrestler who was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2007. His parents Patricia and Sika are currently separated.

Who is Roman Reigns’ real brother?

His older brother Matthew Tapunu’u Anoaʻi who wrestled at World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) as Rosey died on April 17, 2017, due to Congestive heart failure in Pensacola, Florida. He is also blessed with two sisters whose identity isn’t provided in the wiki.

What is Roman Reigns’ nationality?

No doubt, he is American and his birthplace is in Pensacola, Florida, U.S.. Regarding his ethnicity, he is multiracial where he carries half Italian and half Samoan ancestral background.

Is Roman Reigns related to the Usos? Are they really cousins?

Yes, he is. Roman Reigns and The Usos (Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso) belongs to the Anoaʻi family of Samoan wrestlers. The Usos’ father Rikishi is the nephew of Sika Anoaʻi (Roman’s father). This makes them first cousins once-removed.

Is he related to Jason Momoa?

He and Jason Momoa carry similar looks but they don’t have any blood relation. Although both the wrestlers come of Samoan descent, they aren’t related.

What religion is Roman Reigns?

He is Roman Catholic (Christianity). He is a religious man but always believes in hard work rather than luck.

Is Anoa’I married? Who is his wife?

He is married to Galina Joelle Becker since December 2014. His wife is a fitness model by profession.


Roman Reigns wife Galina Becker


How many kids does Roman Reigns have?

He has five children including a daughter and two sets of twin boys. His first child was born as a daughter named Joelle in June 2014. His wife gave birth to twin boys in 2016, followed by another set of twins who landed the planet in 2020.

Battle with Leukemia

While he was pursuing his football career and signed by the Minnesota Vikings, he was diagnosed with leukemia in 2007. He was released from the team subsequently after his physical condition. On October 22, 2018, he relinquished his Universal Championship title after revealing that his leukemia had returned after 11 years. During that time, he was about to fight for retaining his title against Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar in a triple threat match. For his treatment, he went for an indefinite hiatus and finally made his return to Raw on February 25, 2019. That night, he along with Seth Rollins assisted Dean Ambrose from an attack by Baron Corbin, Elias, Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre.

Height and weight

He stands at a tall height of 6 feet and 2¼ inches or 188.5 cm. He weighs about 265 pounds or 120 kilograms and carries an athletic build body structure. He usually appears in long wet black hair. He has a dark brown natural eye and wears colored contact lenses like green and blue.


He has received training from his father Sika Anoaʻi and relative Afa Anoaʻi. he loves the gym and fitness has always been his first priority. He loves having mix up exercises and put special attention in balancing his diet and daily routine.



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Early career

Anoaʻi was a football player before initiating his wrestling career. He played for Pensacola Catholic High School for three years and later got enrolled at Escambia High School for a year. The daily morning newspaper Pensacola News Journal named the Defensive Player of the Year in his senior year.

For his higher education, he went to Georgia Institute of Technology where he joined the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets football team. In his sophomore year, he was a three-year starter and also served as the team captain as a senior. In 2006, he appeared into the limelight after being named to the first-team All-Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC). With 40 tackles and 4.5 sacks, he earned All-ACC first-team honors. He was diagnosed with leukemia which later made him take break from his sports career.

He was signed with the Edmonton Eskimos of the CFL in 2008 with which he played for one season wearing the number 99. On November 10, 2008, he was released by the Edmonton Eskimos after which Anoaʻi stepped forward for his retirement from a professional football career.

Wrestling career

In 2010, he signed a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) after which he was assigned to Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW). On August 19, 2010, he made his televised debut appearing as ‘Roman Leakee’. He participated in a 30-man Grand Royal on the January 16, 2011 episode of FCW.

He teamed with Donny Marlow in an unsuccessful attempt for earning the FCW Florida Tag Team Championship against Calvin Raines and Big E Langston on July 8, 2011. He made big news by pinning FCW Florida Heavyweight Champion in early 2012.

He faced Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins in a triple threat match on the February 5 episode of FCW where he turned victorious. The win made him become the number one contender to the FCW Florida Heavyweight Championship but lost the opportunity later to Kruger in the following week.


Roman Reigns vs Big Show


He teamed with Mike Dalton and won the FCW Florida Tag Team Championship but later lost to Jason Jordan and CJ Parker. He started making an appearance with the ring name ‘Roman Reigns’ when WWE rebranded FCW to NXT in August 2012. He was featured in a villain character defeating CJ Parker on his debut on the October 31 episode of NXT.

On November 18, 2012, he made his main roster television debut alongside Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose at the Survivor Series where the three assaulted Ryback during the triple threat main event for the WWE Championship. This made Cm Punk retain his title which established them as villains.

Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose declared themselves as The Shield and continued attacking CM Punk’s adversaries like Ryback, Daniel Bryan and Kane. The Shield was put in a six-man tag team Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match were they successfully defeated Ryback and Team Hell No (Daniel Bryan and Kane). They also attacked The Rock aiding CM Punk. Later, it was declared that Punk with his then manager Paul Heyman has been paying to The Shield.

The trio ended their association with Punk and started a feud with Ryback, Sheamus and John Cena. At Elimination Chamber on February 17, 2013, they defeated the team of Ryback, Sheamus and John Cena. The trio made their WrestleMania debut where they became victorious against Big Show, Randy Orton and Sheamus at WrestleMania 29 on April 7, 2013.

They also tried to attack The Undertaker but were stopped by Kane and Daniel Bryan (Team Hell No). The Shield defeated The Undertaker and Team Hell No on the April 22 episode of Raw in a six-man tag team match. They experienced a disqualification loss in a match against Bryan, Kane and Cena.

On May 19, 2013, he teamed with Rollins to earn the WWE Tag Team Championship by defeating Team Hell No at Extreme Rules. The trio lost in televised six-man tag team matches against Randy Orton and Team Hell No.

Reigns and Rollins successfully retained their WWE Tag Team Championship by defeating Bryan and Orton on June 16, 2013, at Payback. They also defended their title against The Usos at Money in the Bank and against Titus O’Neil and Darren Young (The Prime Time Players) at Night of Champions.

The Shield started working for The Authority in August 2013. The association started them having a feud with Goldust and Cody Rhodes. Roman and Seth lost their tag team title to Rhodes and Goldust following the interference from Big Show on the October 14 episode of Raw. They failed to regain their title Hell in a Cell in a triple threat tag team match.

Reigns played a crucial role in winning a team match where he was assisted by Ambrose, Rollins, Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger for facing Goldust, Cody Rhodes, The Usos and Rey Mysterio.

The Shield faced CM Punk at TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs in a 3-on-1 handicap match that took place on December 15, 2013. However, they lost the match when Roman accidentally speared Ambrose letting Punk win the match.

On January 26, 2014, he participated in the Royal Rumble match entering at number 15 where he was able to eliminate 12 competitors which include Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Kevin Nash, The Great Khali (with Rollins and Ambrose), Sheamus, Antonio Cesaro and John “Bradshaw” Layfield. The record of eliminating 12 competitors in the Royal Rumble was later broken by Braun Strowman in 2018.


The Shield


The Shield faced Sheamus, Daniel Bryan and John Cena in an unsuccessful attempt where they lost by disqualification after The Wyatt Family interfered and attacked their opponents. The Shield lost the match against The Wyatt Family after Ambrose abandoned the match mid-way through.

The Shield defeated Kane, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn at WrestleMania XXX on April 6, 2014. They started having feud with Evolution whom they defeated at Extreme Rules and Payback in May and July of 2014. The Shield broke when Rollins turned on Reigns and Ambrose marking his join with Triple H and The Authority.

On June 29, 2014, Reigns faced a ladder match for the vacant WWE World Heavyweight Championship which was won by John Cena. He lost the fatal four-way title match involving Kane, Randy Orton and Cena. He defeated Randy Orton at SummerSlam on August 17, 2014.

He was scheduled to face Rollins for Night of Champions on September 21 but became unable to compete as he developed a legitimate incarcerated hernia for which he needs surgery. He made his return on the December 8 episode of Raw. He interfered with Rollins’s match with John Cena on December 14, 2014, at TLC where he attacked both Rollins and Big Show. He continued his feud with Bog Show whom he defeated multiple times.

On January 25, 2015, he became the winner of the Royal Rumble match where he eliminated Rusev at the last. During the match, he also eliminated Big Show, Goldust, Kane and Stardust. The in made him grab an opportunity for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at WrestleMania 31. He was defeated by Big Show following the interference from Rollins on the February 2 episode of Raw. He defeated Daniel Bryan at Fastlane on February 22, 2015.

While he was facing Brock Lesnar WrestleMania 31 on March 29, 2015, Rollins cashed in his Money in the Bank contract which turns the match into a triple threat match and Rollins turned victorious pinning Reigns.

He defeated Big Show in a Last Man Standing match at Extreme Rules on April 26, 2015. He was aunable to get victory in a fatal four-way match involving Rollins, Ambrose and Orton. He failed in his first Money in the Bank ladder match on June 14, 2015, following the interference by Bray Wyatt. He was defeated by Wyatt after Luke Harper interfered the match on July 17 at Battleground. He teamed with Ambrose to defeat Wyatt and Harper at SummerSlam. Later, they were attacked by Braun Strowman, who was making his debut being an ally to The Wyatt Family. The new Wyatt Family defeated Reigns, Ambrose and Chris Jericho. Roman’s feud with Wyatt family ended when he defeated Wyatt in a Hell in a Cell match on October 25, 2015.


Roman Reigns vs The Undertaker


The following night, he became the number one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship by defeating Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Owens and Alberto Del Rio in a fatal four-way match. Then WWE World Heavyweight Champion Rollins went through a knee injury which made him vacant the title.

A tournament was set for the title on which Roman defeated Big Show in the first round. He defeated Cesaro in the quarterfinals and reached the semifinals to defeat Alberto Del Rio. The final match of the tournament took place at Survivor Series on November 22, 2015, where he defeated Dean Ambrose making him the new holder of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. However, his reign couldn’t last more than 5 minutes as Sheamus cashed in his Money in the Bank contract and successfully defeated him. Roman became unsuccessful again in the rematch that took place on December 13 where he was interfered with by Alberto Del Rio and Rusev (The League of Nations). Angered Reigns then attacked Triple H after the match.

WWE’s chairman Vince McMahon offered him a title rematch against Sheamus where he turned winner despite the interferences from McMahon and The League of Nations. However, McMahon forced him to defend his title Royal Rumble match that took place on January 24, 2016. He was unable to defend his title as he was eliminated by Triple H.

Reigns defeated Ambrose and Lesnar on February 22, 2016, at Fastlane making him earn the opportunity to face Triple H at WrestleMania 32 for WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He turned the WWE World Heavyweight Champion for a third time by defeating Triple H on April 3, 2016. He was able to defend his title against AJ Styles. Later, he was attacked by returning Seth Rollins who defeated him Money in the Bank on June 19 ending his title reign at 77 days.

He was suspended for a month when he was found violating the WWE Wellness Program on June 21. It was reported that Roman’s violation was already known by WWE before the Money in the Bank match and the WWE scripted Roman to lose the title.

He was drafted to the Raw brand at the 2016 WWE draft that took place on July 19 during his suspension. He was scheduled to face Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose WWE Championship on July 24 at Battleground. The WWE Championship match was won by Ambrose. The following night, he lost to debuting Finn Bálor.

The following month, he started having a feud with Rusev, then United States Champion. He defeated Rusev at Clash of Champions in September making him earn the United States Championship. He was able to retain the title in a Hell in a Cell match.


Roman Reigns vs Goldberg


He was a member of Team Raw including Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens, Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins who were defeated by Team SmackDown. Roman lost to Kevin Owens on December 18, 2016, at Roadblock: End of the Line by disqualification following the attack made by Chris Jericho. His reign came to an end at 106 days where he lost to Jericho in a handicap match also involving Owens on the January 9, 2017 episode of Raw.

He had a no disqualification rematch with Owens where Jericho was seen suspended above the ring in a shark cage at the Royal Rumble on January 29. However, Roman lost the match following the interference made by Braun Strowman.

He entered at number 30 at the Royal Rumble match but was eliminated by Randy Orton before which he eliminated The Undertaker, Chris Jericho and Bray Wyatt. He defeated Strowman on March 5, 2017, at Fastlane marking the first pinfall loss of Strowman on the main roster.

He and The Undertaker joined to attack Strowman after which The Undertaker chokeslammed him. On April 2, 2017, he defeated The Undertaker in a No Holds Barred match at WrestleMania 33 marking the third consecutive WrestleMania win by Reigns. The following night, he was showered with severe boos and chants from the crowd that interrupted him delivering a speech for nearly 10 minutes and Reigns left the ring just after stating ‘This is my yard now.’ The same month, Roman lost to Strowman at Payback.

He participated in a fatal five-way match at Extreme Rules against Rollins, Samoa Joe, Finn Balor and Bray Wyatt. He was later attacked by returning Braun Strowman and was challenged for an ambulance match. Roman accepted the challenge but lost at Great Balls of Fire on July 9, 2017. The following month, he lost to Brock Lesnar in a match involving Samoa Joe and Braun Strowman.

He started a feud with John Cena whom he defeated at No Mercy on September 24, 2017. The following night, he stated that his win against Cena is one of the biggest wins in his career. Reigns along with Rollins and Ambrose reformed The Shield in order to combat The Miz, Cesaro, Sheamus, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel. The Shield was scheduled for a match at TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs but Reigns was replaced by Kurt Angle when it was known that Reigns went through an illness concern.

He made his return challenging The New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods) on the November 13 episode of Raw. The Shield defeated The New Day at Survivor Series on November 19, 2017. He went to defeat The Miz making him earn the Intercontinental Championship on the following night on Raw. He defended the title against Samoan Joe, Cesaro, Jason Jordan and Elias but lost it back to The Miz.

On January 28, 2018, he participated in the Royal Rumble match where he was the last man to be eliminated. The match was won by Japanese wrestler Shinsuke Nakamura. Reigns became qualified to face Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship after defeating Bray Wyatt. However, he failed to get victory over Lesnar at WrestleMania 34 that took place on April 8, 2008.

On May 6, 2018, he defeated Samoa Joe at the backlash and also got victorious over Jinder Mahal at Money in the Bank on June 17. His new feud began with Bobby Lashley whom he lost at Extreme Rules on July 15. Both Reigns and Lashley faced each other after winning triple threat matches for determining Lesnar’s challenger for SummerSlam. Reigns defeated Lashley taking him to SummerSlam where he defeated Lesnar for earning the Universal Championship.

He faced Strowman in a Hell in a Cell match which was interrupted by Brock Lesnar who attacked both the wrestlers. The reunited The Shield lost to the team of Drew McIntyre, Dolph Ziggler and Strowman.


Wrestler Roman Reigns


On October 22, 2018, he relinquished the title announcing that his leukemia returned after 11 years for which he needs to go for indefinite hiatus.

He returned to Raw on February 25, 2019, where he was welcomed back with a huge ovation from the crowd. He along with Rollins protected Ambrose from an attack made by Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley and Elias. The trio got united reforming The Shield for the third time. On March 10, they defeated Corbin, Lashley and McIntyre. Later, Reigns accepted a challenge from McIntyre whom he defeated at WrestleMania 35 on April 7, 2019.

On the April 16 episode of SmackDown, he was drafted to the SmackDown during the 2019 WWE Superstar Shake-up. The announcer stated that the acquisition of Roman Reigns was one of the greatest ever acquisitions of the brand. In the same episode, he attacked WWE’s CEO Vince McMahon and Elias. Reigns accepted the challenge from Elias and registered a win against him at Money in the Bank.

He was interrupted by Shane McMahon, the son of Vince McMahon on the May 20 episode of Raw. Following the interruption, he challenged Shane to face him at Super ShowDown. On June 23, 2019, he defeated McIntyre at Stomping Grounds overcoming the interference from McMahon.

He was protected by The Undertaker from an assault from Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon. Reigns and Undertaker teamed together to defeat McIntyre and McMahon at Extreme Rules in a No Holds Barred tag team match.

An unidentified person from WWE pushed lighting equipment on him on the July 30 episode of SmackDown. He was again targeted by the unidentified attacker. Samoa Joe and Buddy Murphy were first suspects. Later, incriminating video footage was published that looks like Eric Rowan. Later, the additional footage clearly showed the attack made by Eric Rowan. This made Reigns and Rowan faced for Clash of Champions on September 15, 2019. Reigns lost to Rowan following the interference from returning Luke Harper. He was able to take revenge by defeating Rowan in a lumberjack match.

He teamed with Bryan to defeat Harper and Rowan at Hell in a Cell. He was also seen as being a member of the Team Hogan including Mustafa Ali, Shorty G, Ricochet, Rusev that defeated Team Flair including Drew McIntyre, Shinsuke Nakamura, King Corbin, Bobby Lashley and Randy Orton.

On November 24, 2019, he served as the team captain for SmackDown to get victorious against Team NXT and Team Raw in a five-on-five-on-five tag team elimination match.


Roman Reigns


On January 26, 2020, he faced Baron Corbin at the Royal Rumble where he gained aid from The Usos. He defeated Corbin at Super ShowDown on February 27 in a steel cage match. After this, he challenged Goldberg for the Universal Championship which made them scheduled to face at WrestleMania 36. Because of Reigns being immunocompromised from his leukemia following the rising COVID-19 pandemic, he was opted out from the event which made him replace by Braun Strowman. He remained absent from WWE although WWE has done their best to maintain the safest work environment possible.

On August 23, 2020, he made his return by attacking Braun Strowman and “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt at SummerSlam. He was seen with his new manager Paul Heyman that made everybody surprised. He defeated Wyatt and Strowman in a triple threat match at Payback on August 30, 2020 making him earn the Universal Championship. He made a heel turn by attacking Jey Uso whom he faced at Clash of Champions to retain the title.

The Big Dog offered his cousin Jey another title shot at Hell in a Cell in the “I Quit” match on which Reigns came out as the winner. He also defeated Braun Strowman by submission at the SmackDown Season Premiere.

Is Roman Reigns on Instagram?

Yes. His verified Instagram account is reachable @romanreigns where he has managed over 4 million followers. You can also find him on Twitter @wweromanreigns where he is being followed by more than 4.5 million people.


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