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Here is the wiki of bodybuilder and fitness expert Sergi Constance (age 30) in English. According to Sergi Constance biography, he was born on October 25, 1988, in Valencia, Spain. His nationality and ethnicity are Spanish and white respectively. The bodybuilder is widely recognized for his eponymous personal brand. During his career, Constance has earned numerous prestigious titles and awards making him on the list of top fitness gurus in the world. As of now, he has been presented as a fitness model and has accumulated huge net worth from the professional life. As of now, he resides in Miami, Florida, the United States of America. Find in-depth about the Spanish bodybuilder here:



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Early Life and Education


Sergi Constance was raised up in his birthplace i.e. Valencia, Spain. He was active and energetic since his childhood days and was keen on the athlete. As far as his education is concerned, the Spanish bodybuilder has earned a University degree in the sciences of physical education and sports. The course was of 5-years plan offered by the university in Valencia.


Career and Professional Life


Like most of the people, Constance attended the gym in order to improve his physique and strength. He realized a significant growth in his body size and was satisfied with the bodybuilding activities. The satisfaction made him work harder and as a result, today he is one of the greatest fitness models in the world.


His aesthetic physique and bold personality made him receive the offer from various modeling agencies. Thereafter, he initiated his modeling career and later participated in various bodybuilding competitions. Now he is a full0timer fitness model is well-known as a WBFF PRO Muscle Model. He has been on advertising campaigns of several sports brands from which Sergi Constance’s net worth has crossed more than 0.35 million USD.


Nowadays, the fitness model seems to be busy in promoting and marketing his own company. By profession, the entire world calls him as a fitness model, entrepreneur and a trainer as well. Sergi Constance often shares his diet and training plan on the blogs presented on his own website


Modeling Life


For the first time, Constance appeared on the cover of Muscle & Fitness in 2012. After a year, he was again spotted on the cover of Iron Man magazine. Also, he has appeared on other numerous magazine’s cover including Solid Homme magazine, Wire Magazine, Body Fitness Muscle Show magazine and much more.



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Sergi Constance Diet Plan


The Spanish fitness model prefers healthy, natural and organic food and mostly consumes healthy fats, lean meats, adequate proteins and clean carbohydrates. He takes meals for six times a day. In the first meal, he takes oats and eggs. During the day, his diet plan includes the food like rice cakes, walnuts, red meats, protein shakes, salmon and green vegetables. For making sufficient nutrients, he consumes supplements like BCCA’s, Glutamine, multi-vitamins, casein protein, whey protein isolate and nitric oxide.


Who is Sergi Constance’s Girlfriend?


Exploring his personal life, we came to know that Sergi Constance has a girlfriend with whom he often goes for the workout. But who is she and what’s going between them? That’s the matter of curiosity to everyone as there is no identity disclosed by the bodybuilder about his girlfriend.


As of now, Constance is not married and most likely, he will tie his know within few years.


Height and Weight


Let’s discuss Sergi Constance’s height and weight detail. He is blessed with an adorable height of 6 feet and 1 inch (185.5cm). With an aesthetic physique, he has maintained his weight at 207lbs (93.89 kg approx.) His arms, chest and waist measure 19.5, 49.5 and 34.4 inches respectively.


Wiki and Facts


Many of the renowned wiki sites including Wikipedia have presented his biography on their sites. However, his bio on Wikipedia is in Spanish but not in English, so it may not be useful to the English reader as of now. You can follow Sergi Constance on twitter @Sergiconstance and on Instagram @sergiconstance. He has garnered more than 3 million and 68k followers on his Instagram and Twitter account respectively. It’s worthwhile visiting his website

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