Sergio Canavero Bio, Age, Salary, Head Transplant and Net worth


The bio of Italian Neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero (age 53) represents him to be one of the renowned doctors and an author as well as a researcher who attracted media attention for planning the first human head transplant. In early 2015, Dr. Canavero stated that he will perform the first successful human head transplant by the end of 2017. The statement went viral and grabbed the media attractions from all around the world. Valery Spiridonov (32 years old from Russia) was declared to be the first person to have the head transplant. He has volunteered to offer his head for Canavero’s studies and was suffering from Werdnig–Hoffmann disease which types I spinal muscular atrophy. But, now it is said that the first person to go for transplant would be a Chinese instead of Russian Valery Spiridonov.


Here we will discuss the professional life of Italian Surgeon Sergio Canavero including his salary, net worth, personal life, contact (Email, social networking sites), wiki and other facts.



Early Life


According to the bio of Surgeon Sergio Canavero, he was born on December 29, 1964, and that makes his age be 53 as of 2017. His birthplace is Turin, Italy and was born to the parents Stefano and Lina Narducci Canavero. He was raised up in Turin and was a generous student from his school days.




For being Certified English proficiency, Dr. Canavero went to University Michigan and he completed Doctor of Medicine cum laude from the University Turin in 1989. In 1990, he was certified as Education Commission Foreign Medical Graduates.




At first, the Surgeon went as an intern in 1991 at Hospital Neurochirurg in Lyon, France. Thereafter, he attended staff plan relief and engaged in neuromodulation unit department Neurosci since 1993.Today, he is named as a successful Italian Neurosurgeon.


What is Neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero interest?


Researcher and Surgeon Canavero keeps a keen interest in learning languages and astronomy as well. Beside them, he also keeps studying particle physics and sports for entertainment.


Personal Life


We know much about his professional life, but unable to provide his personal facts like about his family life, wife, children and so on.


Wiki and Facts


We can find Canavero wiki on Wikipedia as well but not much more information is available there. These days he is popular for being the first person to make head transplant that will soon be successful. The Surgeon doesn’t use any social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But we have found a discussion page on Facebook Dr. Sergio Canavero Discussions from where you can get updated from each and every news and operations related to Italian Neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero. The doctor hasn’t provided his personal email but you can book him for a speaking engagement by making a contact with Georg Kindel whose E-mail is [email protected] and phone number +43 1 522 34 23.


Salary and Net worth


The doctor has not revealed his financial facts like salary and net worth to the public and media. But it is sure that his worth is counted in millions of dollars. There is a long queue of patients from around the world for having treatment under Italian Neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero.

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