Is Tim Chapman Married or Dating? His Bio, Age, Wife, Kids and Net Worth

Is Tim Chapman married or dating? Regarding his marital status, Tim is a divorced man. He was previously married to Davinanatasha Faletoicancel. The pair enjoyed their conjugal life for a long time but unfortunately, their relationship came to an end by means of a divorce in 2009.

The pair has welcomed four children together from their married life and their names are Thunder Cloud Chapman, Autumn Sky Chapman, Summer Ray Chapman, and Storm Hunter Chapman. Let’s explore in detail about Tim’s wiki including some interesting personal facts and biography of him:


Who is Tim Chapman?

Tim Chapman is a businessman and retired bounty hunter. He belongs to the family of bail bondsman where both of his parents including paternal and maternal grandparents are involved in the bail bondsman Business Companies. He is known for appearing in the A&E Reality Television Network’s show Dog The Bounty Hunter produced by Duane Chapman.

He also assisted the famous bounty hunter and bail bondsman Duane Dog Chapman and helped him in capturing several wanted fugitives. Being a man of very silent and introvert personality, Tim appears to be very calm and is highly fierce and effective when it comes to his job. Seeing his efficiency and calm-headed manner Duane Chapman who is a bit on the short-tempered side appointed him as his best helper. The detailed bio of Tim Chapman is given below.


Tim Chapman’s Early Life and Education

Tim Chapman was born on May 13th, 1965 in Ventura, California, the U.S. This makes his age 55 in 2020, according to the bio. Tim was born to father Ronald Chapman and mother Diane Wimberley. His father was a Colorado-based bondsman while his mother was a famous bondswoman with a slogan Let a Blond write Your Bond.

Tim’s parents divorced when he was just 2 and a half years old. He was brought up with his only sibling Russell J. Chapman. Two of these brothers lived with their paternal grandparents during their childhood and with the maternal grandparents during the teenage. As both of their grandparents were in the business of bailing agency, they got to know a lot of the business procedures and legalities. He got an interest in bounty hunting and bail bonding from there.


Career and Professional Life of Tim Chapman

Timothy Charles Youngblood Chapman was the third-generation bondsman in his family business. He was a young and energetic lad who had got excellent training in mixed martial arts and kickboxing. Interested in criminal psychology and investigation through an early age, Tim made his first civilian arrest at an early age of 14. Working for a few years for the ABC Bail Bonds of his grandparents situated in Denver, he started working for his mother.

While working with mother Diane, he met Duane Chapman. The two connected with each other instantly and became the best of the friends. Though they do not have any blood relations they term each other as blood-brother. Highly impressed by Timothy’s capturing skills Duane appointed him as his assistant.

The duo also played an important role is Duane’s show titled Dog the Bounty Hunter. He was one of the most trusted personalities of Duane Chapman and had a cordial and familiar relationship with his kids too. Currently, he has quitted the bounty hunting and bails boding business. He has started a new business and is operating and living on the base of that.


Personal Life: Marriage, Kids and Divorce

Tim fell in love with Davinanatasha Faletoi while working as a bounty hunter. They decided to get married and took wedding vows in a lavish wedding ceremony. The duo had 4 kids together named Thunder Cloud Chapman, Autumn Sky Chapman, Summer Ray Chapman, and Storm Hunter Chapman. But as everything could not go as per their wish, they separated in 2009. Since then, Tim is living a single life.


What is the Net Worth of Tim Chapman

The estimated net worth of Tim Chapman is 3 million US dollars. He annually makes around 600 thousand US dollars. The major source of Tim’s income is his business and investment ventures.


Wiki and Facts

The biography of Tim Chapman is prepared by multiple wiki sites like Wikipedia and IMDb. Tim does not like using social networking sites. He loves living now and practices various forms of exercise including functional training to keep him fit.

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