Hair Style From Celebrities, which is sure to be a trendsetter in 2019!

For our beautiful readers, we are planning to pull in extravagance beauty of you this 2019. Food, proper diets are the other side of the coin, but styles are what pulls you out from your comfort zone, making you ultra-glamorous.

As a matter of fact, change in hairstyle creates a newer appearance. It further exaggerates your personality. Your hair is a playful soul. Have you ever noticed? Happy, sad, moody, upset or mixed, you still love to play with your hair.

If you remember, even female celebrities when happy or sad experiment with their hair. When in love, you make your hair go bouncy, when sad, if you have a long length, you just get it chopped.

Keeping the sad part aside, for 2019, try a new hairstyle. For a great expert once said, giving your hair a new change will not only give you fresh beginning but also make you feel positive about yourself and rock your hair photoshoot.

With no further delay, let’s take a look, for the best’s hairstyles, that you can try this year.


Fringe Bob, bounce like Selena Gomez

“Back to You” hmmm hmmm….. Yes! Yes! Selena Gomez fan, who had no idea, what hairstyle she chose for this video. We are here! It’s a sleek bob cut hair, with a slight fringe on front. Though she wore a wig, it was an absolute spot on.

Fringe Bob bounce

We don’t think so, stealing her hairstyle for this year, would be a regret.


Layered Hair, like of Pink City girl Priyanka Chopra

“I’m feeling so exhausted, Mumbai, Cuba baby let’s do LALALAA! All the way to RIO! Whoops, a long lyrics line for the PC lovers. So, far our newlywed lady Priyanka Chopra short hairstyles don’t come into existence.

Layered Hair

But the layered hair cut dramatic and fearless. For those girls representing true leadership, hit it. Don’t give a second thought. Not to miss, girls with a long or square face can give this a try, for it makes your face appear small. This is the famous wavy celebrity hairstyles, so far chosen by several other singers & actors.

The advantage of this is, you don’t have to touch the length of your hair. A totally different look, without further doing it.


Bald Hair of Amber Rose

Clean, neat, bold. Tired & frustrated with hair management. Late for work? Spend hundreds of dollars, just to keep it up right?

If those long locks are irritating you, why not go bald this year? Surprise yourself and everyone this year.

Bald Hair of Amber Rose

Back in 2018, several female celebrities including Kristian Stewart, Amber Rose, Katy Perry chose for an effortless look with loads of efforts.

Save yourself for the ultra-daring look this year.


Celebrity Ponytail hairstyles like of Ariana Grande

Back in 2016, pop singer’s high ponytail smacked the peak after she attended American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater. She had given an edgy style by adding a few more braids on side of her hair.

Ponytail hairstyles

It did make her look cuter. So, for long hair lovers, high-end ponytails are a bang one. Go for it!


Curly hairs of Leigh-Anne Pinnock

Little mix singer gives a headbang with her black bushy beautiful curly hairs. For 2019, why not try Leigh Anne Pinnock’s hairstyle.

Curly hairs

For the straight hairs, you need to perm your hair to get that black dusky look, for those who already have one, add a little bit of color to it. A mix and match can just do a little more of justice.


Blue Sea hair of Kylie Jenner

That blue dyed hair of TV reality star, Kylie Jenner is dramatic, this is a new Kylie Jenner hairstyle breaching the stereotype hair pattern. Get that su-sha- hell ya feeling with the mix-max hairdo.

Blue Sea hair

In the late of 2018, Kylie headed for an experiment which became a trendsetter for 2019. And it did prove, that Kylie, can just try anything with being a trend failure.


Bob chopped hair of Hailey Bieber

Formerly turned Mrs. Bieber, Hailey Rhode Bieber, chopped her long golden hair prior year.

Bob chopped hair

She chose a never go out hairdo. With a new tag of Mrs. Hailey did muster the gut to let go her hair off.


Pinky Pink Punk hair of Ashley Tisdale

After blue, orange, yellow here comes a pink dyed hair version from gorgeous Disney actress Ashley. From short curly hair, Ashley Tisdale has landed to pink straight and short hair.

Pinky Pink Punk hair of Ashley Tisdale

To add more charm, you can go for pink spikes. For the entire year, you will surely look amazing. As the spring is just heading why not give your hair a springy pink look.


Short feather hair of Lana Condor

“To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” teen flicks watcher, how many of you loved the short feather grunge hair of Lana Condor?

hort feather hair of Lana Condor

Though in the previous version of her acting we found her in long hair, for now, she is seen short messy hair. 2018, initiation has taken a leap in 2019.

Every of her show watchers has started taking the short hair approach. This a pure appreciation is shown towards her style by her followers. So, don’t wait if you too are her biggest fan!


Famous Bob Hairstyle, Bella Hadid

From tight ponytail hairstyle, Bella Hadid has given herself a chance to create a hairdo bench-mark. The supermodel, though has given herself a branded attire, she has managed to keep up with her hair length.

Famous Bob Hairstyle Bella Hadid

That foxy wavy bob hairstyle can never go wrong with any of wear branded wear. She just brought back the reminisce of the late ’90s. So, let’s pull it off together. This was & is the famous bob hairstyles willing to be tried on every century.


Are you going to be the next Grande Or Kylie? You are given loads of options, so interesting hairstyle which is sure to create a statement within your friend’s group then go for it! Get hold of the nearest hairdresser and get it done correctly! For a little mistake can completely ruin your beautiful hair locks.

Be a style. Create a style. & love your style! As confidence is the sole key to success in any demo you are willing to try.

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